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What we’re about


Practice solving algorithmic coding problems with technical peers using “oral recitation.” Oral recitation is a learning strategy that involves verbally reciting information with the ultimate goal of learning and retaining it. Participants will take turns solving a problem on a dry-erase board, while a “peer-proctor” provides clarification, answers questions, gives a few hints and provides constructive feedback. There are no wrong answers!

The goal of this meetup is to give developers the confidence to tackle computer science problems by solving technical questions, collaborating as a group, sharing your own expertise, and learning best practices from others. Practice makes perfect!




You are a developer who has a fundamental knowledge of at least one programming language. You are interested in practical, hands-on problem solving in a collaborative, supportive environment. You want to practice and improve your ability to "think on your feet" and gain confidence in your technical interview skills. 


Jordan is a senior software-engineer with engineering management and product ownership experience. He has mentored a number of first-time developers from little or no knowledge of software development to their first professional jobs as programmers. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder, and has collaborated with teams in over a dozen countries.

Tricia is a junior developer, who completed the University of California, Irvine's Full Stack Web Development bootcamp in the spring of 2018 after spending the first ten years of her career in the business world. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from The University of Denver. Tricia's focus, in addition to tech, is in leadership and mentorship.



About one meetup per month



EvoNexus, located in the UCI University Research Park in Irvine


Code of Conduct

1:  Only sign up for events that you are absolutely sure you can attend. If you sign up for an event that you can no longer take part in, you must change your RSVP to "no" at least 24 hours before the scheduled event in order to allow those on the waitlist the opportunity to take your place. No call/no shows will not be permitted, and will result in being banned from the group.

2:  Positive attitudes and constructive feedback only! We want this to be a safe, welcoming, and fun space for all of our participants (and other volunteers) regardless of background, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, etc. Harassment of any kind during events or on Whiteboard Warriors' social platforms will not be tolerated and organizers retain the right to take action up to and including banning the offending individual(s) from the group. Please report all concerns regarding harassment to Whiteboard Warriors Organizers immediately.

3:  Solicitation for employment, products, services, etc. will not be tolerated during the event or on Whiteboard Warriors communications channels (Slack, LinkedIn Group, etc.). If you work for a company that is looking to hire developers, you must contact one of the organizers at least a week prior to the event in order to attend.

4:  Each participant must attempt to solve one problem at the whiteboard as well as act as "interviewer" for another attendee over the course of the event. This is a collaborative environment where we all learn from each other.

5:  Participants are expected to have a basic working knowledge of the coding language of their choice. An understanding of concepts such as variables, iterators, functions, etc. is required to attend.

6:  Each participant must attempt to solve one problem at the whiteboard as well as act as "interviewer" for another attendee over the course of the event. This is a collaborative environment where we all learn from each other.

7:  There are no "wrong" answers. The goal of the exercise is to focus on practicing the process of whiteboard coding. However, we do encourage participants to write as much "compilable" code as possible, since this is what is expected during interviews.

8:  Whiteboard Warriors and its Organizers retain the right to amend and update the Code of Conduct as is necessary without prior notice.


Interested in volunteering with us?

Are you a mid to senior level dev looking to get some mentoring and leadership experience? Contact Jordan to discuss volunteer opportunities with Whiteboard Warriors.