What we're about

Ever feel like you are not sure if the real you is coming through.
This group combines science and spirituality in helping each one of us connect with what we really enjoy, who are are as a person, what inspires us and may be even what we run away from!
Confidence needs to be felt rather that learnt, and here participants can begin to learn and accept who they are. Our self-respect and esteem will grow automatically through an amazing journey of reset and adaptation as we all collectively continue to learn and grow.

We are dynamic beings and in this series of discussions based on the concepts from my workshops on exploring our personalities and strengths, I hope to connect with a community that is interested in merging science and spirituality in achieving our optimal potentials and well-being.

In no ways prescriptive, these sessions aims to provide a platform for guidance and conversation that each participant can use to connect with their own self. They can begin to define what works for them and what their aspirations are.

Over the last 3 years, this process has provided amazing results within my clients and mentees and I want to share this with more people. The process is inspired by own journey of self recognition, acceptance and confidence building.

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions via messages or at soor.jaspreet@gmail.com

We will begin with online webinars every 2 weeks and grow into an in-person/online combination event for all to participate in from anywhere.

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