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We are focused on creating new friends who are utilizing a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) nutrition program for Heart Health with the goal to enjoy a full energetic life -- with lots of energy to enjoy whatever the HEART desires ! This journey to improved health has many starting points -- but we all made THE decision to take more responsibility and personal control for our health. Some of us had a " BIG wake up call " -- some of us didn't, but each of us has had our own strong motivation to get " re- calibrated " and to look at alternative ways to maximize living life to the fullest through focusing on having a healthy heart.

For me it started as a curiosity to explore additional options after a receiving an emergency stent to reverse a nearly completely blocked coronary artery. I was very fortunate - and I am appreciative every day. I was wondering, like many others, what I had missed ? If I had been following a "healthy "diet , following an active lifestyle ( ski, hike, bike) , and my blood cholesterol was "normal", how did I find myself in this situation?

I started reading and was fortunate to stumble across The Plant-Based Diet brochure (http://www.kphealthyme.com/Healthy-Eating-Active-Living-Programs/Education-libraries/Plant-Based-Diet.aspx ) from Kaiser Permanente ( Calif region) and cardiac prevention and recovery books such as those written by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. John McDougall ( Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and The Healthiest Diet on the Planet).

Both Drs. Esselstyn and McDougall have strict required food regimes in order to achieve results. For example, the requirement to eliminate all added oils in order to achieve an healthier heart. Not a big deal for me. So I decided --- why not try a new approach - nothing ventured nothing gained ? Can't expect a different result if I continued on my previous so-called "healthy" path that I was on previously.

So I began my journey. At the very least - lose some weight and some inches on my waist; at the very best -- well who could tell when you are just beginning.

My 1- year follow-up blood work tests and echocardiogram results were dramatic for me -- like many others who have persisted in the heart healthy WFPB dietary lifestyle. There are no guarantees in life - but I believe you can't argue with having any and all "slight edges" that are working in your favor, especially when it comes to your health - and in particular- your heart health! Now having just celebrated my 3-year "anniversary" -- I continue to feel better and better !

So this is a group for those "alumni" or "near alumni" ( or those who are super motivated without the motivating factor of a "near miss" ) who have taken personal control over their health and who now want to "get out there" energetically and to take in all that Colorado ( and more ) has to offer and, to most importantly, enjoy our regained and rejuvenated health and vitality. After all, if you're feeling so much younger and energetic --- why would you want to just sit around ?



This meetup is for mutual support and friendship amongst the members of the meetup who are on their individual WFPB lifestyle journey. This meetup and its members will not offer medical advice. Individual members will be able to compare notes of what appears to have produced favorable results for them personally, but any such information provided should not be interpreted or deemed to have been providing medical advice. As is the case with any lifestyle change, anyone considering a WFPB diet and/or exercise should consult their physician / cardiologist for recommendations and/or approval prior to starting.

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