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Friday dinner and presentation: Brahma Vihara - Metta - w/ Whispering Deer

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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(and Take-Out)

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At 7 p.m.

at David’s, Margaret’s and Abigail's home in Newton, MA

October 18, 2013 Menu

Creamy Chickpea Soup

Quinoa and Wild Rice

Burdock and Carrot Saute with Kale

Wakame and Scallions/Chives with Mustard

Pickled Beets and Raw Salads

Dried Fruit Compote with Almond Sauce Topping

(see detailed logistics below.)


Followed by a presentation from 8 to 10 pm on

Brahma Vihara - Metta (Loving-kindness)

with Whispering Deer

The practice of loving-kindness cultivates an openness of heart – a heart that is not afraid and one that does demand any particular result. It encourages the heart to remain open rather than to shut down in the face of pain and suffering – to remain at ease under all conditions. Loving-kindness cultivates a sense of good heartedness towards ourselves which then radiates outward engendering generosity and care for others happiness and well-being. Come and join us in experiencing a love that has no preference and is unbound.

Donation welcome.

About Whispering Deer

Meditation is my primary spiritual practice. Each year, I spend 8 weeks in silence, working with various meditation techniques, accessing deep states of consciousness and expanded awareness. This work has led me to experience the transformative power of the awakened heart, resulting in the development of the Brahma Vihara workshops. The benefits I have received are innumerable and immeasurable. Nothing would please me more than to share what I have learned with others.

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Upcoming Brahma Vihara workshops with Whispering Deer:

November 1, 2013: Brahma Vihara - Karuna (Compassion)

November 7, 2013: Brahma Vihara - Mudita (Appreciative joy)

November 15, 2013: Brahma Vihara - Upeka (Equanimity)


All meals include Kukicha Tea.

Most ingredients are organic and of the highest standards.

Come be in community

and enjoy the healthiest meal on planet earth!

Call (617)[masked] or e-mail [masked]
for reservations and directions.

Please rsvp no later than noon on Friday.

Sliding scale of $20 - $35/meal.

(Note: Preferred payment is by cash or check.)
(Let David know if interested in helping him cook in exchange for a free meal. Prerequisite: One of David's cooking classes, unless experienced.)

(Please contact us if you'd like to lead a discussion opener based upon a topic of your choice.)

Feel free to pass on to other friends and kindred spirits!