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Friday community dinner followed by Sounding in the Holidays with Gandiva

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Hosted By
Margaret A.



(and Take-Out)

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At 7 p.m.

at David’s, Margaret’s and Abigail's home in Newton, MA

December 19, 2014 Menu

Vegetable Soup with Mochi

Seitan and Root Vegetable Stew

Brown Rice

Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli with a Ginger Tamari-Lemon Sauce

Candied Carrots

Pressed Cucumber Salad

Pumpkin Pie with Rice Dream

Kukicha Tea

(Scroll down for dinner logistics.)


Sounding in the Holidays

with Sacred Sound Percussionist Gandiva Lorcan

Experience an opportunity to center, focus, and clear energy blockages from daily or accumulated stresses. OngKi Nada Yoga, Wellness through Sound is a powerful energy balancing system using the power of sacred sound which was developed by Gandiva. Through the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Healing Gongs, Conch Shell and Long Horns, Gandiva will be creating a blend of ancient, stirring, and moving sounds.

To contact Gandiva, call (857) 891-6846.

Donation welcome.


Most ingredients are organic and of the highest standards.

Come be in community and enjoy the healthiest meal on planet earth!

Call (617) 964-2951 or e-mail
for reservations and directions.

Please rsvp no later than noon on Friday.

Sliding scale of $20 - $35/meal.

(Note: Preferred payment is by cash or check.)
(Let David know if interested in helping him cook in exchange for a free meal. Prerequisite: One of David's cooking classes, unless experienced.)

(Please contact us if you'd like to lead a discussion opener based upon a topic of your choice.)

Feel free to pass on to other friends and kindred spirits!

99 Crescent St, Auburndale, MA 02466 · Auburndale, Ma