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Friday Community Dinner and Welcoming of the Spring Equinox

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Margaret A.



(and Take-Out)

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At 7 p.m.

at David’s, Margaret’s and Abigail's home in Newton, MA

March 20, 2015 Menu

Squash Soup

Tempeh Mochi Melt with Root Vegetables and Cranberries

Carrots and Hiziki

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Fresh Green Salad and Sprouts

Pickled Daikon

Amasake Pudding with Fruit Topping

Kukicha Tea

(Scroll down for dinner logistics.)


Followed by a welcoming of and meditation on the Spring Equinox!

This Equinox aligns with the new moon and a total solar eclipse. There is a quickening in the dropping of the old and moving into a more soulful and truthful way of being. It is a time of accelerated expansion. Like the seed, the time is now to sprout.

Together let us gather and connect with the rhythms of this Spring Equinox, honoring the balance of winter and spring in our bodies, hearts and souls.

In preparation for a meditation, may we contemplate the cosmic cycle of death and rebirth to truly birth us into the new Era.

We offer you the following questions to ponder:

As the sunlight brightens through your cave door, how do you hold in balance both your winter and spring selves?

What are you ready to let go of and what needs to be released?

What has been germinating within you during this deep cave time? What is emerging? What seeds do you want to grow?

For a seed to grow strong, it has to be grounded into a nutrient dense soil and all the elements have to come into balance for that seed to grow into its fullness to execute its unique gift.

Are you in right relationship with Mother Earth? Are you tending to her soils? Are you walking in balance? Are you feeding yourself nourishing foods to keep your body vibrant and strong so as to give your gifts to the world?

What is the source of your choices? Is it a Universe of ongoing sacrifice, punishment, and separation or a Universe of infinite abundance, support, connection and love?

What are your gifts; your compass of joy?

What are you propelled to bring into this world that you may have been protecting from manifesting?

How will you use the creative forces within to bring your gifts into the world?

When your gifts are manifested, what contribution can they bring to the world? How will you be the agent of change to co-create a new dawn?


Most ingredients are organic and of the highest standards.

Come be in community and enjoy the healthiest meal on planet earth!

Call (617) 964-2951 or e-mail
for reservations and directions.

Please rsvp no later than noon on Friday.

Sliding scale of $20 - $35/meal.

(Note: Preferred payment is by cash or check.)
(Let David know if interested in helping him cook in exchange for a free meal. Prerequisite: One of David's cooking classes, unless experienced.)

(Please contact us if you'd like to lead a discussion opener based upon a topic of your choice.)

Feel free to pass on to other friends and kindred spirits!

99 Crescent St, Auburndale, MA 02466 · Auburndale, Ma