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Creating Your Life's Desire and Releasing Your Blocks - with Monica Dubay

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Creating Your Life's Desire and Releasing Your Blocks - with Monica Dubay

From 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fee: $105

Includes a delicious vegan lunch at noon.

Do you want a more fulfilling, purposeful, and happier life?

We are powerful creators and can access the power of creative mind to change our lives in meaningful ways. We join to ignite our power, to free our minds, and join in the healing power of light and love.

Why sign up for the Creating Your Life's Desire Workshop?

· To clarify and commit to your more fulfilling, purposeful, and happier life.

· To learn to release blocks to your own happiness using powerful transformative processes that release fear and bring you into alignment with your higher Self.

· To join with those who are choosing joy as a way of life by answering their inner calling and taking bold action.

· To get support from me and form a community of men and women who want to embrace their lives and move quickly out of self-doubt and fear.

What gets in your way? Your beliefs? Do you self-sabotage? Do you have money blocks? Health issues?

Together, we create a sacred space to release these limiting beliefs using a simple method to undo the patterns of resistance to the change you want to make in your life. Join me and align yourself with your divine calling and purpose in life.

Monica Dubay is a spiritual teacher, healer, writer, and catalyst for transformational leadership. She is on a mission to empower individuals who want to crush fear, shamelessly love themselves, and boldly lead from their hearts to change the world. Her transformational programs called Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life, bring participants into their heart, to quickly release fear and blocked emotions through powerful energy healing. The goal of the program is to ignite each person to become aligned with one's Spiritual Self, receive direct guidance, and embrace one's own calling.

Monica became a teacher of the Course and a spiritual transformational healer. In 1998, she received a “miraculous light insertion” from Source which reconfigured her mind and body, showing her that life is eternal and that divine love is the basis of everything in the universe. She then met her awakened spiritual teacher whose focus was to bring the Course into the world, to awaken teachers in a dedicated environment, where she lived and served for more than 12 years.

Monica’s mission is to help others undergo mind/body transformation, through a release of core beliefs using efficient processes of healing. She encourages people to join together in the certainty of who they are, to bring about this paradigm shift from fear to love. This paradigm shift is already underway and those who are called to work with the new energies of light, will choose to embrace their own illumination in order to be of service to the world. Her dedication to her own healing is evident in the fearless, maverick style of healing that she embodies as it is combined with true compassion and divine wisdom.


Touch of Your Life CranioSacral TherapyMind/Body HealingFounder and Author of the forthcoming book: Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program

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