Applying Weston A. Price in Nicaragua: How to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss


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In the span of one generation, the people of Nicaragua—the second-poorest country in the western hemisphere—have gone from near zero obesity rates to having rates on par with the United States…. What happened?

In the spirit of Dr. Weston A. Price, and with the support of a Fulbright Scholar Grant, our speaker, Dan Fenyvesi, studied how changes in diet and agriculture have fueled the obesity epidemic. Using stories from his field work and screening his 16-minute documentary film, Dan will explain how to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss here in the United States.

Prior to his work in Central America, Dan earned a Master’s degree in nutrition from Seattle's Bastyr University and his Registered Dietitian ( RD) from Tulane University, Dan has worked as a college nutrition instructor, chronic disease specialist in public clinics, renal dietitian, and weight-loss instructor.

You can learn more about Dan's work in pubic health advocacy by going to his website, at