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We are excited to host our monthly MeetUp at Mocha Lounge in downtown Newark, New Jersey! Whether you are brand new or doing 100 deals a month, we welcome you and your guests to join us for a great night of sharing and networking with the area's top wholesalers and real estate investors with the intention of taking your business to the next level! This is a mastermind format so everyone is welcome to add their input! Here's some of the items we'll be discussing: 1. What's Working Now: Strategies and secrets for Finding the HOTTEST Deep Discount Properties in the area. 2. How to Beat the Competition by using these High Level Negotiating Techniques. Getting the Contract Signed. 3. Co-Wholesaling Ins and Outs. How to Profit from Other People's Deals. 4. Partnership Opportunities: Discover How to Direct Work with Our Team. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!! 6:00-6:30pm: We will share today's TOP strategies and secretes to get find the HOTTEST Deep Discount Properties in the area; How to 7:00-8:00pm: NETWORK!!!

Mocha Lounge

17 Academy St · Newark, NJ

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This group is hosted by Jazmine Jones from Wholesaling Houses USA and is for brand new or experienced real estate investors looking to make $$BIG PROFITS$$ through wholesaling houses in Newark and surrounding areas.

So whether you've done 0 deals or 100 deals our monthly meetings will provide valuable information that will guide you to scaling your business to the next level. We'll be discussing marketing strategies, negotiation techniques, tips and tricks to make MORE MONEY, business building strategies and market condition.

This Meetup will take place at Mocha Lounge in Newark, NJ

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