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The Asheville Area Wholistic and Intergrative Professionals (tm) (AAWIP) are reliable collaborators, co-creators, co-catalysts, co-leaders that promote education, production and sales of professional wholistic and integrative products/services in the Asheville area – included but not limited to integrative health, personal growth, earth-friendly, eclectic artisans/musicians/authors. We co-provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas to expand the wholistic, integrative, green and related professions, companies involved in production, creation or manufacturing, or providing services, or individuals genuinely interested or are involved in the wholistic and integrative marketplace serving the Asheville area.

The AAWIP meetup embraces building our shared community through harmonious interaction. For instance, we may have more than one hypnosis, feng shui, chiropractor, doctor, nurse, acupuncturist, aroma-centered, body worker, herbal, nutrition, etc… professional at meetings, but we are clear that people do business with people. If experiencing discomfort due to a perception that thriving is limited when your good work is represented multiple times, allow yourself to feel the support from AAWIP that embraces that "there's plenty."

To manage meeting expectations, conversations revolve around our mission/vision of strengthening the wholistic integrative profession. Note that cookie cutter theories don't always apply to our diverse group. What is meant by this is a professional that has limited exposure to the AAWIP audience -- wholistic and integrative -- would benefit from experiencing numerous members' work to understand how they can be of service to the group, and the group to them (if interested in becoming a member of this AAWIP meetup at no cost).

For information about our members and their good work click on the "members" button for detailed information, AAWIP on facebook and LinkedIn (also called Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals).

Emailing: Please note that while we collect business cards, as a professional courtesy it's important to ask permission to add individuals to bulk e-marketing lists. Note that professional emails should always display opt-out options and promotional emails should be sent in moderation as a general rule.

Confidential Chat: Because the AAWIP community does a great deal of inner-processing work (and, many times, we are each others' clients), it's important to keep all personal information completely confidential unless released in writing or as required by law. We must all feel comfortable that we will not discuss anything publicly -- for instance, at the grocer or in a corner of a meeting room -- unless individuals owning the stories initiate the conversation and the topics of discussion.

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AAWIP Zoom Meeting: 3PM, Monday, 14 Sept. (60 minutes)

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ASHEVILLE AREA WHOLISTIC & INTEGRATIVE PROFESSIONALS (AAWIP) ***ZOOM***MEETING—14 SEPT. 2020 (MONDAY)--BEGINS 3PM FOR 60 MINUTES *** REGISTERING FOR ZOOM MEETING 15 members who RSVPed will be sent the Zoom address the day before the meeting. Please RSVP accurately. *** MEETING FLOW - Begins at 3:00pm for 60 minutes | Cost: Free | Where: Zoom - Link for meeting will only be sent to those who have RSVPed "Yes" in time. Please change RSVP to "No" 36 hours prior (or earlier) to meeting, so "waitlisted" members will be able to access the meeting. - For 2 minutes each member has a verbal opportunity to share with the entire group (20 minutes)--Michelle will pull up your website and you can speak to that (share screen). -10-Minute-Teacher--Evalena Rose--evalenarose.com--offers Spiritual Mentorship, 6 week group for holistic practitioners to help you evolve your work and life. Join a carefully vetted small group for this Zoom gathering - highly transformational. https://evalenarose.com/spiritual-mentorship/. More to come on specifics on what Evalena will teach us in September. - Type in chat "Oops, I forgot to mention," "Testimonials," and 10-20 word or less description. (Chat will be displayed on AAWIP forums.) - This is a work in progress idea for AAWIP. We will continue to evolve. *** POST MEETING (to maintain mutual respect and a positive spirit) We're a supportive group and while it is common to connect one-on-one for tea, coffee, or lunch outside of our meetings, boundaries and people as individuals should be respected; if an AAWIP member isn't ready to meet, is not the "let's meet" type, needs an empath breather... this should be respected by all AAWIP members. MEMBER OPPORTUNITIES NOW AAWIP is on LinkedIn, Facebook, and the Meetup Discussion Board to allow you to promote your wholistic and integrative workshops, and sessions. 10 MINUTE TEACHER OPPORTUNITIES--for Zoom for now Want to be a 10 Minute Teacher? Read how on the AAWIP meetup discussion board-- (For the moment 10) “Twenty Minute Teachers during AAWIP Meetings and How You Can Present.” BUILD COMMUNITY IN A WAY THAT FITS FOR YOU (If you feel comfortable) Build our well-being community in more than meetings. Have coffee/tea/meals with AAWIP members outside of AAWIP meetings. Use the membership list to connect eye-to-eye (even if you can’t make meetings). AAWIP is more than one meeting per month. See you soon! In Service, Michelle Payton http://www.MichellePayton.com[masked]

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AAWIP Zoom Meeting: 3PM, Monday, 10 August (60 minutes)

Needs a location

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