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How can we make the world a better place?
I need to postpone this meeting due to personal concerns, so I've given it a dummy date in the distant future since the facility doesn't allow rescheduling a meeting for an indeterminate date. This topic follows from Gil's concerns:

Marysville Library

6120 Grove Street · Marysville, WA


What we're about

Why human life makes sense: The ultimate answers for the ultimate questions

The purpose of this meetup group is to provide space for discussing the fundamental nature of human life. Any such questions are welcome, and you can get a feel for what the group will be like by exploring my Seattle group (

I’m Philip Bitar, and I will facilitate the discussion. After earning a doctorate in computer science, I spent 10 years developing a comprehensive theory of human life. I published the theory in a carefully organized, tightly integrated book having seven chapters:

Knowledge, reality, religion, ethics, commerce, government, and meaning — the meaning of human life

My disposition is that of an engineer: define a problem clearly and then solve it decisively. I believe that I’ve achieved this in my comprehensive theory. I believe that the theory makes sense of human life in all of its ramifications and that these results are consistent with modern science and with the deepest longings of the human spirit for meaning and purpose.

If you enjoy discussing questions about the fundamental nature of human life, I invite you to join us!

And if you’ve ever wondered if such questions can be decisively answered, I believe that you will be fascinated to discover that they can.

Meetup handouts

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Published books

Why Human Life Makes Sense ( (2011, 2012, 2015) – Knowledge, indeterminism, mind, freewill, ethics, sexuality and marriage, commerce and government, religion, and meaning

The Second American Revolution ( (2012) – Commerce and government

Why? In Pursuit of the Ultimate Answer ( (2008) – Comprehensive theory of human life

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Meeting plan

We will meet at the Marysville Library in the second room on the left as you enter the library. The meetings will occur on designated Saturday afternoons at 2:00, and they will end at 5:45 or sooner, as we may prefer. You can leave whenever you wish to.

The upcoming meetings will occur on these days: 04-29

I schedule meeting topics in response to member preferences. As you can see from my Seattle group (, I'm interested in covering any topic that pertains to the fundamental nature of human life, and this includes philosophy, religion, psychology, relations, ethics, commerce, governance, and all facets of history because history informs us about human life.

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