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Is love worth its costs?

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As humans, we have a choice of entering into relations of love with pets and with people with whom we live, but there are costs to such relations, costs such as the following:

Control: Reduction in control of our personal life

Order: Reduction in our ability to maintain order in our residence and in our personal life — order as we conceive it

Physical suffering: We may find ourself caring for a spouse or children who suffer from an unexpected disability or disease.

Termination of relation: After developing a relation of psychological dependence, the relation may terminate due to alienation or death.

For minimal cost, we can have a minimal maintenance pet, such as a cat. If we have a dog, there will be greater cost. If we have a marriage, or its equivalent, there will be substantial costs. And if we have children, the costs will tend to be great, especially pertaining to a reduction in control and a reduction in order.

Along these lines, I discovered that children can be quite inspiring. Mine inspired me to write the following verse, which you may sing to the tune of "Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof:

Mess makers, mess makers, make us a mess

Not just one, but two, three, or four
Mess makers, mess makers, make us a mess

Then go tearing on out the door!

In light of the above considerations, we may ask the following question:

Is love worth its costs?

In this meeting, we will first obtain the personal answers from everyone, comparing and contrasting our answers.

Then we will seek to characterize our answers in terms of personality characteristics. Personality characteristics, in turn, are the result of inborn propensities, plus childhood and adolescent experiences with family, plus adolescent and adult experiences with romantic relations.

For the interested reader, I have enjoyed expressing my personal answer to the topic question at my Pinterest site:

Love is more than magic

The meeting room is the second room on the left as you enter the library. The organized meeting will start at 1pm and will last till about 3 or 4, as per group preference as we're proceeding with our discussion. You can leave whenever you want to. I've reserved the room till 4:45 for whoever might like to stay for informal conversations. Feel free to bring a non-alcoholic beverage that won't stain and that is in a container with a lid in order to minimize the chance of spills. I'm responsible for damage to the room.

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