What we're about

Live life magically, spiritually and wholly attuned with nature.

Learn the modern way of Wiccan spirituality and practice. Wicca is all about a peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life. White Witches see the divine in nature, both within us and around us.

Learning the truth of the practice, what it is and what it is not, brings you a deep appreciation for the energy of the earth and the energy of the divine.

There are many benefits from practicing Wicca and being a part of a like-minded supportive group:

Practicing Wicca can....

* give your life greater meaning and purpose

* support you in understanding why life is the way it is and what to do about it

* provide a sense of connection and belonging

* help you feel connected to a higher power

* support in you feeling calm and peaceful (less stress and anxiety)

* help you go beyond the mundane and transcend the 'norm'

* give you a stronger foundation for your life

* help you feel more alive and in touch with life

At the core of this magickal practice and way of life is your intention and honouring your beliefs, and contributing to life in what ever ways you are able to serve, according to your talents, abilities, and personal circumstances.

Good intention, good faith and taking actions steps in conjunction with spells, rituals and other wicca practices can have love, abundance, health and success, prosper in your life.

The highest priorities are your personal integrity and respect for Mother Nature and all living beings.

The Wiccan Rede of the Gold Coast Coven is:

"In the highest good, highest potential and highest love of all."

** Enhancing your spirituality and personal growth is at the forefront of the practice!

There are currently two types of gatherings (Meet Ups) within this Coven.

Friday Evening Coven Gatherings:

Focused more around the Moons - a time of magic and Esbat. The Moon is a symbol of the Divine Goddess/ Feminine. Connected deeply to our own cycles as women. The Full Moon is a time of celebration and when the timing is right, release. The New Moon is a time of all things new - change, opportunities, ideas, rebirth, new life/start.

Learn the Wicca ways - from Spell crafting and casting to Rituals of all degrees, Origins and Wiccan Redes, Witch's Temple, Moon Practices, Foundations and Basic how to's, and deep Sacred Ceremonies to honour and trust each other as women and kin and so much more...

Sunday Afternoon Wicca Circles:

Centred around the 8 Sabbats on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year - following the seasons (Equinoxes and Solstices) and the Sun. The Sun is a symbol of the Divine God/ Masculine. We acknowledge the dying and rebirth of the phases through the Suns life cycles and the seasons magical rhythms.

Each of the four season have corresponding changes in energy that interacts with humanity in very real ways. A huge part of Wiccan practices involve unfolding our highest potential by aligning our energies with energies and rhythms of the universe. We must learn to recognise them, align with them and then utilise them to enhance our own life circumstances and highest outcomes. If we wish to truly unfold our magical selves and make them stronger/empowered, wiser and in sync, we need to work with the rhythmic power of the seasons.

Plus... during either Meet Up learn Extensive Wicca practices for you to use in your life :-

Crystal Grids, Pendulums, Creating your own Book of Shadows, Crystal Elixirs, Spells and Rituals for themes (love, relationships, career, abundance, happiness and health), Herbs and Essential Oils, Runes, Astrology Events (Mercury Retrogrades etc), Celebrate and Honour the Wicca Holidays and days of Power, Crystals for Protection and Healing, Working with Rhythms and Tides of Nature (Moon Magick), The Elements (earth, air, fire and wind), The Six Directions (East, West, North, South, Up and Down), Altars, Talisman, Amulets, Mediation Stones, Gods and Goddess's, Working with Divine Spirits in Nature, Candles and Colour Magick, The Witch's Pyramid and so so so much more.

Join together with other loving, open and like-minded women.

*** This group is for women who are ready to take personal responsibility for their conduct, behaviour and life. They have positive intention and the will to 'do good' (not harm) and serve theirs and others highest potential!

£ Please inform me privately if you are pregnant. These Meet Ups are not appropriate for children. It is adults only. We are fully clothed and do not follow restrictions or myths of typical covens. Thank you 🙏

~Please do not join the group if you can not attend Meet Ups, the energy of the participants needs to be that of ‘engaged’ and prepared to work as a cohesive Coven on the day or night!

€ Witchy Blessings, Katie (Lady Quintessence of Coven Akasha)

¥ The location of the Meet Ups is in Clagiraba, Gold Coast Hinterland. - An Amazing healing space just 25kms inland from Surfers Paradise, with main road access, enjoy the abundant tree and animal life with a wildlife corridor, 180 degree views of the coast line and the palpable elements of nature. 🔮🕊🌈🌻

Meet Up General Info:

These Meet Ups are for beginners and experienced practitioners.

I have designed them for beginners to feel comfortable developing their own practices without the usual strict or restrictive/hierarchy rules of typical Covens.

It’s a learning, inspiring and exploring group environment.

Meet Ups will be announced through out the year at various times - if one suits you at the time, simply RSVP.

Check your email notification preferences are turned on in this Meet Up.

The Meet Ups will be varied and will demonstrate to everyone, Wiccan/witchcraft ways that you can choose to practice or alter to what works best for you at home.

My Meet Ups encourage self practice and exploration and it’s all about using your intuition and trusting yourself.

Once you have RSVPed to a Meet Up, privately message me through the Meet Up system for the address.

NOTE: I believe Wicca and Witchcraft is Gender Neutral.

I have a special intention for this group to create a nurturing space for women to meet and feel comfortable to open up and explore the conscious collective of the 'woman'. It is very important as part of a spiritual path to meet with the same sex in circle (as well as in combined groups).

I know my path and follow it. I mean not to disrespect or exclude any one - this is simply about following my purpose and staying true to me.

Disclaimer: The occupants and owners of this property are not liable for any potential accidents, injuries or misfortunes from the Meet Up event or the facilities, in, on or around the Meet Up property. All participants who attend this Meet Up are agreeing to the above and take full responsibility of everything that may arise during this Meet Up.

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