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Star Wars LCG Game Day
Come play Star Wars: The Card Game! If you're new, don't worry. We'd love to introduce you to the game and have plenty of decks.

Hero Complex Games & Entertainment

2120 N Woodlawn · Wichita, KS

What we're about

Come learn or play the Star Wars living card game, a deep but fun 30-60 minute game in which one player marshals the might of the Empire, schemes of the Sith, and tools of the Scum to crush the ragtag alliance between the daring Rebellion, noble Jedi, and cunning Smugglers. Like Magic: The Gathering, both players build decks from a pool of cards. However, because the cards that come in each booster pack are predetermined rather than random, the game is easier to afford. That is good, for the iconic characters, tough decisions, and last-second victories make it a thrill to play.

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