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Join in stimulating, small-group discussions of “wicked” problems facing our community and country. Wicked Problems are complicated issues that can’t be addressed by a simple right/wrong, good/evil, red/blue, corporate/worker framework. They’re wicked because there are multiple attitudes, values, and opinions that have to be taken into consideration; and there is no right answer or permanent solution. (See links below for additional description)

The group is private, but only to have members agree to the ground rules (below). All are welcome.

Our discussion groups learn about the complexities of each issue, explore alternative solutions, and share opinions and values. We also discuss how to take community action and improve community problem solving.
In these groups, you will:
• meet new people,
• learn different points of view
• hold productive discussions with others who may have differing opinions

Our participants are people with a range of views, from diverse backgrounds with different experiences, education levels and life position. No prior background or knowledge of the issue is necessary. We want to hear about your values related to the issue, not just your knowledge.

We use methods developed by the Kettering Foundation and other national and international practitioners of structured dialogue and deliberation. We strive to function as impartial conveners and do not advocate for specific outcomes or actions. The discussions are moderated by an impartial facilitator whose role is to manage the discussion, keep the talk focused and moving forward, encourage all to participate, ask clarifying questions, etc.
Discussion guides offer 3 or 4 approaches to the issue. (Other approaches may be suggested by participants) The discussions are not designed to guide participants to a single, specific solution. Rather, they are intended to stir a lively discussion that will encourage exploration and thoughtful consideration of the issue.

Our Basic Ground Rules for the discussion:
• We have a safe atmosphere for open discussion.No one or two individuals dominate. Each person gets a chance to talk.
• We listen to each other with respect. We respect other’s values, experiences, ideas and opinions. We can disagree, but not be disagreeable.
• We have a discussion, not a debate. We seek to understand, rather than persuade.
• We invite and honor diversity of opinion. We explore the topic; no one has all the answers.

Topics will be announced in advance
This is a project of the San Diego Deliberation Network


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