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Warum Bitcoin? Monetäre Wertanlage, Austauschmittel und Verrechnungseinheit (Store of Value, Medium of Exchange, Unit of Account).
Die Essenz, Prinzipien, Logik, Ethik und transformative monetäre-ökonomische Evolution von Bitcoin verstehen. Warum brauchen wir Bitcoin für unsere individuelle (monetäre-finanzielle-ökonomische) Freiheit, Evolution, menschliche Zivilisation und Freiheit?

With the transformational power of the hardest money ever created in human history, Bitcoin, combined with logical-ethical principles of Austrian Economics, Keyvan trusts in the accelerated initiation and exponential process of monetary, financial, economical, social, scientific, technological, and spiritual evolution of human civilization.

After many years of studies and investigative research on suppressed, undisclosed and non-mainstream science and technologies, Keyvan´s focus and vision has been on the evolutionary and structurally monetary-transformational power of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Austrian Economics, and Decentralization.

Starting with the most fundamental core-problem being solved with Bitcoin, Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer, Cryptography, and other technologies, humanity has now developed the intelligence, knowledge, and maturity it needs to evolve into a totally open, DEcentralized, borderless, censorship-resistant,“trustless", and immutable network-consensus-civilization. This means equal opportunities for all human beings. Working with him or hearing him speak, clients and investors will become empowered with the necessary comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of Bitcoin and Austrian Economics. From there, clients, cooperation-partners, entrepreneurs, and investors will feel empowered to make their own self-responsible, risk-minimized, risk-diversified, and profitable investment decisions for the goal of financial wealth and freedom and that of their families.

The Total Connector seeks for humanity´s empowered future in abundance of wealth and freedom. His mission is to connect the dots between where humanity is now and where humanity wants to be.
With his publications on the topic of "Why Bitcoin?, BitcoinReality vs. Central Banks, and the Monetary Evolution" for Humanity, Keyvan contributes for and has committed his comprehension, intelligence, heart, and soul to the creation of a sound and decentralized monetary, financial, and economical root-layer with the hardest and scarcest money ever created in human history: Bitcoin.
Bitcoin & Austrian Economics-Podcast-Show: www.anchor.fm/keyvandavani
twitter: @keyvandavani

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