• LOCATION CHANGE Hawthorn Berry Harvest @ Guild House West with POP
    Join POP and the Wild Foodies at Guild House West along with local herbalist and gardener Julia Aguilar to harvest ripe hawthorn berries. With a little processing, hawthorn berries can make delicious food & medicine to support the cardiovascular and digestive systems -- especially when made into syrups, jams, tea! The ripening haws are bright red -- looking a little like smaller crabapples, both being of the rose family -- and are abundant on surrounding street trees. Bring your own bucket or bag!

    Guild House West

    1221 Fairmount Ave · Philadelphia

  • Nanticoke Lenape Nation Historical Presentation
    HOME * FOOD * FAMILY LIFE * SEASONAL CELEBRATIONS * CRAFTS The Nanticote Lenape Nation will present historical depictions of Native American life pre 1700’s at two presentations on Saturday, November 3, at the Business Corp Center, Rowan College at Gloucester County, 1400 Tanyard Road, Sewell, NJ. The Lenape Nation will highlight their home, food, family life and seasonal celebrations as well as display Native American crafts and articles which will be on sale. Refreshments will also be available. The two presentations will be at 11:30 a.m. and at 2:00 p.m. in the Business Corp Center. There is free parking in Lot D and E. This event is free and open to the public. This event is sponsored by Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust, a 50+ acres of woodlands, wetlands and meadow adjoining Big Timber Creek in Blackwood Terrace section of Deptford. There are walking trails open to the public from dawn to dusk. This program is made possible in part by funding from the Gloucester County Cultural and Heritage Commission at Rowan College at Gloucester County, a partner of the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State. Any questions, please call Debbie at[masked]

    Rowan College at Gloucester County

    1400 Tanyard Road · Sewell, NJ

  • Wild edibles walk with Eric Joseph Lewis
    october 28th ann's place 1-4pm Wild edibles walk Food and medicine are growing all around us, and yet very few people know how to recognize the abundance of the land we walk upon. In this walk and talk we will explore: -the simplest strategies for getting to know plants -how to correctly identify plants and mushrooms and how to rule out poisonous look alikes -the top wild staple foods in the area -how to gather enough calories in a day to last a month -how to harvest sustainably and promote wild edibles with guerrilla planting tactics Bring a friend or three, snacks to share, and note taking materials if they help you to learn. Audio and video recording is allowed and encouraged (check in with the group to make sure everyone consents to be recorded and or photographed) especially if the content will be shared online. Donations are always appreciated, but never required. Give what you can. Receive what you need. Be good family, always... In all ways. We will be camping out at Anns in Landenberg for this weekend since we are doing an event at Dales the day before. We will have a facebook event for the campout that I will post soon but feel free to let me know on here if you want to camp. My number is[masked] if anyone needs to reach me-dan.

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  • Ginkgo History & Edible Nut Processing Workshop
    Register here: https://www.phillyorchards.org/civicrm/?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/event/info&reset=1&id=219 Join POP for an installment of our new Community Gleaning Education Series - featuring community teachers presenting on lesser known fruits and herbs of the orchards. Naturalist and Glen Foerd nature educator LJ Brubaker will present a 2-hour hands-on class on the history and processing of the tree's edible nuts, at the site of Bartram's Garden historic gingko tree, among the first gingko trees in the country! ** This series is offered on SLIDING SCALE $5-20. This enables POP to make these learning opportunities accessible to our community, support community facilitators, and provide materials. Please select the level that best reflects your means. Thank you! **

    Bartram's Garden

    5400 Lindbergh Boulevard · Philadelphia, PA

  • Intro to permaculture with Eric Joseph Lewis and Dale
    october 27th 2-6pm dale's the permaculture gurus property in Landenberg, PA. Introduction to Permaculture What is permaculture? To put it simply, it is a design science that aims to create a permanent culture, a way of caring for the earth and each other (every living being) that can continue indefinitely. This class will be a broad overview of permaculture, it's history, it's relevance, and its approaches. If you have never heard of permaculture, or have heard the word but still don't quite understand fully what it is and why it's so important, this class will be a great way to get up to speed. If you have a basic understanding, this class will offer some fresh perspectives and touch on some of the details as to how we may apply this design science in a suburban/rural context. These same design principles can be applied anywhere in the world to increase biodiversity, soil fertility and deepen the connection between people and plants. In this relatively short class we will go over: -Soil building basics -The power of perennial vegetables -Forest gardens for the future -Rainwater catchment -Fungal allies And much more! Bring a friend or three, snacks to share, and note taking materials if they help you to learn. Audio and video recording is allowed and encouraged (check in with the group to make sure everyone consents to be recorded and or photographed) especially if the content will be shared online. Brief bio of Eric: Since 2010, Eric has been studying plants full time and working with them. He's nomadic and he winters in Florida. He is a rainbow warrior and a hippie that works hard. You wont be disappointed if you come out. Come and enjoy the discussion. See a Brief video that I posted below in the comments. My number is[masked] if you have any questions. -Dan

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  • Campout (for free) on an intruiging property for the free workshop weekend
    I know it is a far ride for some of you for the workshop weekend, so Ann has graciously offered her place up for camping for the weekend if you want to stay for the weekend to get all the Eric you can. Eric Lewis is an expert at mass campouts and how to keep the land nice and people comfortable during and afterwards so it'll be a very nice time. It'll be a little cool this weekend dipping down into the 40s, so come prepared if you can, there is some space in the greenhouse though that will be heated, but hey you get to learn a bit at no cost and if you're lucky you'll even feel better after picking up on Eric's philosophy on life and living which is way more valuable to experience, this really will be a great time for all! My number is[masked] if you need to ask any questions, etc. Dan


    17 bullock rd · landenberg , PA

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  • Mead Making, Potluck and bonfire
    We will make some Mead! Potluck and bonfire. Eric Lewis, the guy that coming from South Maryland and leading workshops this weekend for everyone, is going to be helping with this meetup, he'll be arriving around 7pm. Before then you can tour the 4 acre permaculture property and share some food with others. The place is off of union church road and kind of hard to find, but it is on the incline of the hill and you'll see around the woods a small opening with a mailbox with red reflectors on it.

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  • Making Coal-burned Wooden Bowls
    Join John Kennedy at Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust for our “Walk in the Wild” on Sunday, October 21st, at 2:30 pm for a workshop on Burned Bowl making. We will discuss, demonstrate and practice primitive bowl and spoon making techniques. We will use coals to burn the center of the piece of wood we want to shape into a bowl. The charred wood is easier to remove than fresh wood, when scraping out the bowl. John always wanted to be Buffalo Bill Cody. John fell in love with the Pine Barrens at 5 yrs old. He has fished & canoed the rivers, hiked the sand trails & gone to school there. John took several classes at Tom Brown's survival school, and that’s where the natural world opened up for him. Learning native living skills and survival skills is much more rewarding when practicing as a group; learning happens exponentially, it’s also much more fun! We will meet at the Willoughby House at the end of Pine Avenue, off Good Intent Road in Blackwood Terrace, or you can put "340 Pine Avenue, Deptford" into your favorite mapping service. There is an additional small parking lot available at the end of Rankin Ave, one block from Pine Ave. Please check our Facebook for changes and directions. Information and questions: Charles White,[masked]. Car pooling recommended. Free and open to all. Optional but helpful - bring a camp chair

    Old Pine Farm

    340 Pine Avenue · Deptford, NJ

  • 10/21 Mushroom Hunt in Pennypack Park
    Beginners welcome! We’ll meet near the bridge on the Pennypack trail (right next to where Pennypack Creek meet Rhawn St) and have a slow hike to look for mushrooms. When we get tired or feel like we got lots of good specimens we’ll set up a little picnic spot to talk about mushroom identification and cook some edible mushrooms! — make sure you wear closed toe shoes and probably long pants because of poison ivy — well behaved children and dogs (on leashes) are welcome — bring any mushroom field guides you might have, I will have a few to look at — let’s try to carpool to save gas and not clog up the parking. Please post inthe comments if you’re driving and have spaceto pick other people up — feel free to bring snacks for the picnic portion, but it’s not mandatory. Light snacks will be provided. Monetary donations for snacks are accepted but not required — for collecting specimens, most people use wooden baskets or cloth/net bags. I’ll bring some extras along. Note that plastic bags are not good for collecting mushrooms — I’ll bring name tags ☺️ Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! My # is[masked] if anyone has a hard time finding us.

    Pennypack Park - Rhawn St

    3214-3224 Rhawn Street · Philadelphia, PA

  • Fall & Winter Gardening
    LEARN HOW TO EXTEND YOUR GARDENING SEASON INTO FALL AND WINTER Refreshments provided! Think you can't garden in the winter in New Jersey? Think again! Learn how to extend your season to provide fresh greens and tasteful tidbits both outdoors and in. Jessica Ferguson, of Woodbury will be the guest speaker at Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust annual meeting. Jessica Ferguson is a city girl turned country. Her part-time homestead currently includes chickens and bees on purpose plus a groundhog and a family of skunks, not-so-on-purpose. Her year-round gardens provide toppings and side salads for Pizza Fridays as well as the occasional bounty for preserving. She is an advocate for slow food, humane farm animal treatment, backyard hens, farmland preservation, wild space preservation, seed saving, CSAs and co-ops, food sovereignty, and ending food waste. ******* First off, sorry for the last minute invite but I didn’t get the description until a couple days ago. Secondly, the business (boring) part of the meeting is scheduled to be between 7 and 7:15 with the speaker beginning at 7:15. Please feel free to skip the business portion. Also refreshments will be provided and parking is free. After parking, you’ll have to walk around the building to find the door to the part we are using. We will be in the Terrace Room in the back. Follow the signs.

    Auletto Caterers

    1849 Cooper Street · Deptford Township

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