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Wild Wood Border Morris Dancers Weekly Meetup
Many of our dancers aren't on Meetup, or FB, or just don't update all this info as often as they should (myself included). So the attendance info is highly inaccurate--keeping it right in line with, well, everything about us. So don't just show up! Let us know in plenty of time if you are planning on attending a meeting! If we're very very busy preparing for a show, we're liable to get grumpy. And grumpy folk with big sticks is a bad combo. Even worse: Grumpy hung-over people with big sticks (see: Sunday morning at an Ale. Don't know what an Ale is? Well, join us and you can find out!). :-)

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Border morris is too much fun, and just a bit dangerous--with danger increased exponentially with the addition of big sticks & alcohol (alcohol optional, big stick de rigeur). After March hits, we get busy rehearsing for upcoming gigs (our first of the year is Ojai Renaissance Festival, April 4-5), & while new dancers can come play with us during those times, we may not have much time for you--so it's always best to email first so we know you're coming, & can welcome you, warn you, or hide. If you've seen Morris at faires, or heard or read about it, or are just curious from looking at the pics, you are welcome to come join us. We think it's even more fun than it looks--which is why many of us have been active in the morris community for decades. Ugh. We're old. Luckily, we also have had a good influx of young blood over the years, so we're not the old fat white guys stereotype. Drop us a line if you think it sounds fun! We'd love to have you join come and see what's up, try out a practice or two, and see if this is as much fun as it looks, or if we're just a bit too odd for the likes of you (both understandable & common responses. We're like oysters in that respect).

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