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MOUNT LYELL IS THE HIGHEST PEAK (13,114 Ft.) in Yosemite National Park. Located near the southeast boundary, it is a very popular destination despite its long distance (13.5 mi) from the nearest trailhead. It is easily recognizable from the summit of most peaks in Yosemite, thanks to the prominent Lyell Glacier on its northern flank, the largest in the park. An ancient metamorphosed slate tops the summit, which overlays a younger granite base. Mt Lyell stands at the triple divide between two great Sierra rivers (the Merced and Tuolumne Rivers) and Rush Creek (which feeds Mono Lake). For highpoint seekers, Mt. Lyell is the highest point in Tuolumne county, one of the more difficult of the 58 California county highpoints. It is most easily approached via Lyell Canyon from Tuolumne Meadows. PARSONS PEAK (12,040') is the county high-point for Mariposa County.

LOCATION: Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center, Yosemite National Park

DISTANCE: 25 Miles.

TYPE: 25 miles out & back. Class 2 and 3 scrambling.

DIFFICULTY: Strenuous due to distance, high elevation & class 3 climbing.

GUESTS: Members only.


COST: $20 Prepayment. See below for payment description.*

TRAILHEAD: Lyell Canyon/John Muir Trail.

MT. LYELL ROUTE: Lyell Glacier to Lyell/Maclure Col.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This trip is designed for peak baggers with class 2 & 3 experience. You should be a very fit, experienced backpacker/hiker with the necessary gear for a 3 to 4 day back-packing trip and capable of 3 to 4 straight days of hiking. All participants are responsible for bringing all their own gear unless prior arrangements are made with other participants.

HOW TO SIGN-UP. This event has an application process. To apply for this event you must answer the RSVP questions and join the waitlist. If you meet the qualifications for this event, the organizer will then ad you to the "YES" list. You are officially signed up for this event when you have made the required pre-payment. I won't be asking for payment until we get closer to the date however.

WHAT TO BRING: Appropriate clothing, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Headlamp, Mosquito Repellant, Bear Canister (required), 3-4 days food, stove, gloves etc. For a list of items to consider bringing on this event please use the following Back-packers checklist for a reference guide: Backpackers Checklis (

ADDITIONAL GEAR: You will need an Ice Ax, crampons & a helmet for this trip. Recommendation is a lightweight, universal crampon and a lightweight Ice-Ax.

MEALS: Participants are responsible for all their own meals. Sharing is optional.

WATER: Bring a filter or share with someone on the trip.

BEAR CANISTER: Bear canister usage required for this wilderness area. You can rent at Yosemite entrance or buy online at: ( The ones at Yosemite are large enough for two people but heavy. The BV450 available from is under two pounds and for one person.


Thursday Day 1: Meet at Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Permit Center. Hike about 10-11 miles up Lyell Canyon to where the trail forks with theLyell use trail before Donahue Pass.

Friday Day 2: Climb Mount Lyell & Mount Maclure. Upon return to Base Camp we will take a break then hike down into Lyell Canyon.

Saturday-Day 3: Hike back to cars mileage depends on location where we spend the night in the Lyell Canyon from previous day. 6 to 8 miles. The organizer may spend a day or two more to bag additional peaks near Ireland Lake, such as Parsons Peak and Amelia Earhardt and maybe Simmons Peak. This is an option for anyone joining the event.

LINKS: Tuolumne Meadows Info. (

Mount Lyell on Summit Post. (

Mount Maclure on Summit Post (

Parsons Peak on Summit Post. (

Simmons Peak on Summit Post (

DIRECTIONS DESCRIPTION OF FEES: $20 pre-payment covers permitting and organizer fees. All fees collected from this event beyond permitting fees are donated to wildlife foundations.