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What we’re about

Hi, I'm Rob Remedi, and a warm welcome to Wilderness Skills School.

As an outdoor guide, wilderness skills instructor, and naturalist with 31+ years experience in our local mountains, It is my sincere desire to impart my knowledge of outdoor "skills" as well as guide others to experience the abundant natural wonders and adventures Southern California has to offer.

I invite all members, new and sustaining, to take an outing or more. You can take part in a group of like-minded people to learn about wild edible, useful, and medicinal plants, discover how to track wild animals, what to do to survive in the wilderness, navigate with confidence and understanding, make earth-based natural tools and items, explore the natural world through the eyes of a professional, and so much more.

Wilderness Skills School welcomes anyone who wants to be outdoors, and share with others, a unique and quality outdoor experience. Join us!