Bolivar Flats

Price: $3.00 /per person

Galveston - Bolivar Ferry

Galveston - Bolivar Ferry · Texas, TX

How to find us

Be on the 6am Ferry, turn right at Retillion Road and Right onto the beach. The flats are about 1/4 mile down.

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Somehow this meetup never seems to work out, but the weather in the 10 day forecast is looking OK for Sunday the 20th. This is a tough one just due to timing, but I assure you it is well worth it. At low tide around sunrise, Bolivar Flats is a magical place to come for low level bird photography. It's difficult to time the right day as it’s very tide dependent, and the right day on a weekend is even harder. We will need to be on the 6AM Bolivar Ferry or will miss sunrise. DO NOT MISS IT. Drive a few miles down, and you'll make a right on Retillion Road. When you get to the end of Retillion Road, turn right and drive along the beach until the way is blocked by cable and pilings. Parking usually is not a problem if you get there early. We'll get ready over here and head in. I’ve been coming here a few years now when I can, and it’s easily my favorite spot in Texas. The group size will be limited to 10, and depending on who’s going either we’ll split into two smaller groups or stay together as one. Suggested equipment would be a 300mm or larger lens on a cropped body or a 500mm or larger on a full frame camera. You’ll want to have a rain cover for your camera to help keep out the sand, and a frying pan or frisbee if not a Skimmer Pod to rest it on. I have an extra homemade skimmer type pod for someone with a tall gimble-type tripod head. It’s made out of an old wok and has a tall clearance…I’ve since bought a skimmer pod to use. It does get very mucky, you’ll want water shoes or boots and old pants. I generally wear waders here. Bring a towel to change under afterwards if you need and trash bags to put your dirty clothes in in the car for afterwards. It’s just clumps of sand, it all washes out in the end but it’ll get everywhere if you don’t store it properly. A gallon jug of water would be helpful to do some rinsing as well.