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Let's Make ICE CREAM!!!


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July 21, 2018, 1-3pm

"You Scream, I Scream. We all scream for Ice Cream!"

Yeah, sure, there's a ton of ice cream in stores—some better than others. But flavors are limited. And, generally, it's overly laden with sugar and full of conditioners, gums, texturizers, too much air, and artificial flavoring.

Tried to make it yourself? Disappointed? In spite of the amazing photos in books and online recipes, homemade ice cream generally needs to be eaten right away or it turns into an icy brick. Not good.

AH-HAH, my ice cream-loving friends, there is a SECRET to making creamy, scoopable ice cream at home. And, I'm going to share it with you. This is the most amazing, trance-inducing taste treat imaginable.

It's all about flavor, creaminess, and scoopable smoothness. It can be had. AND, you don't have to add anything questionable.

HINT: Ice cream has to freeze as fast as possible or the water turns to ice crystals and ruins the creamy texture. It turns into an iceberg, especially if you add fruit, and the texture is gritty. No. You don't need a subzero freezer avoid this. YOU DO NEED some sort of ice cream machine, though.

No, no, no...not the old-fashioned kind that requires rock salt, water, and a lot of churning. A modern electric ice cream maker is much better. The trick isn't in the machine, it's in the prep BEFORE freezing...getting as much water out of the custard base as possible first. I'll show you how. It's not difficult or mysterious. In class, we will be using either a Salton or a Delonghi self-contained freezer.

Recommend: Cuisinart, Salton, Hamilton Beach, are priced from $30-$80.

FLAVOR: The world is at your fingertips!