Healing Workshop


Many who deal with chronic pain, whether from serious illness, injury, or loss often become isolated from family and friends. Whether you are a trained healer or not, you can learn how to create a healing environment for yourself and others.

This healing place, which abides solely in minds and hearts, can only be accomplished by coming together and sharing the journey, leading to peace and acceptance. Only then, do we become free to fully understand the power that exists in each and every one of us.

Lisa Mandell has created a healing workshop, geared specifically for those who have lost their way, due to the many different obstacles encountered in life. She teaches how the gift of healing is present in each of us, and what we can do to ignite it.

This workshop will include the following:

1. Explore the many different forms of energetic healing modalities to determine which is best suited to you.

2. Participate in exercises designed specifically to help you receive a better understanding of how to conduct and be a part of a healing circle.

3. Through direct guidance, Lisa will work with all present, instructing the use of correct verbiage in forming outlines and schedules, in creating your own meditation and circle outlines. A sample guided meditation and healing circle outline will also be provided.

4. All will participate in a healing circle so each can experience for self, the true gift of healing in mind, body and spirit, therefore going forward to help others.

To register go to: https://lilydaleassembly.org/events/healing-circle-workshop/

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