What we're about

This group was started to engage, educate and empower individuals and businesses on legal and finance matters. In particular, pertaining to individual end-life scenario planning (Estate Planning) and business management risk mitigation (Business Succession Planning).

For individuals:
This group is for anyone who has faced legal and/or financial issues in the family in the absence of a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, or is exploring having their own estate/legacy planning done (Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, etc) . At our meetups, you will be able to meet people who have encountered similar issues. We will have an open dialogue to address these issues with you.

For business owners:
You will be able to network with other business owners, including ourselves, while we aim to do away with the jargon and simplify the process of business succession planning for your benefit.

We find that this is an important subject that is often overlooked because it seems complex and daunting. With this meetup, we hope to change the landscape as we assist to increase preparedness amongst individuals and businesses.

For all meetup enquiries, please email admin@bequest.com.sg.
For all appointment enquiries, please email enquiries@bequest.com.sg.

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