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On Sunday several folks will be in Eugene to scout possible sites for Heart of Willamette Pagan Pride. Pagans from Eugene are welcome and invited to offer input. I have offered the UUCE for a meeting and ending place for our friends from Salem. Join us if you like. This event will be followed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster event. See what Rozaylia has to say about this event. (below)

Hello folks! Some of you may remember me, I lived in Eugene for a few years before moving up to Salem. I was involved with CUUPs and WEBs and some other groups. The Heart of Willamette Pagans is a group based out of Salem. We have put on Pagan Pride Day in Salem for the last two years, and this year, we are expanding and hoping to do the event outside of Salem. We are planning on checking out Eugene as a possible location because of its Pagan Friendly and progressive atmosphere. We are going to be coming down from Salem on the 19th of this month to check out parks. So far the tentative time is noon, but I will update if that changes. We will be meeting at the UU Church in Eugene and then going to parks from there. We want to invite the Pagan community of Eugene to communicate with us about the event, and to be involved if you like! If you cannot come to planning meetings here in Salem, we can skype you in, or do phone conferencing. Here is a link to Heart of Willamette`s Meetup Group. (

Currently, our website for the event is (

but that will be changing shortly. Our coordinator for the event is Jade (Jeannie Wickham). If you are interested, feel free to contact us! (

We are also on Facebook! (