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Spiritual Toning Massage and Chakra Alignment / Meet other Healers

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Dear Spirits,

Welcome to "Spiritual Toning Massage and Chakra Alignment".

Please join us at the Ananda Healing Center for a evening of exquisite delight "... finding the healing within".

This meetup is planned as a partial learning opportunity for us to get a hands on lesson in Spiritual Toning Massage and Chakra Alignment, and partially as an opportunity to conduct a "healing exchange" with the goal of allowing healers of various modalities to discuss and demonstrate their art with the group.

This meetup is a crossover from several likeminded Meetup groups all meeting at the Ananda Healing Center; giving everyone the opportunity to meet and learn about each others techiques, share ideas and plan future events.

The first meetup went off like a charm. Five people showed up. A couple weeks ago 16 people showed up. The love and healing that took place that evening, the energies that were exchanged will, in my mind, be remembered for a long long time. Everyone decided lets do this again on a weekly basis, and for that I am very grateful.

It was a was a wonderful evening of healing and receiving. I am looking forward to the next event and wish to welcome the entire community to healing Thursdays at the Ananda Healing Center.

Hope to see you there ...

Chuck Ananda Gambell


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