Let's Walk the No fooling! It's Flat! event in South Beach State Park


April Fools Day this year is guaranteed to be sunny unless it rains. No matter the weather, we'll gather at the main parking lot at South Beach State Park just south of Newport, Oregon for a level jaunt along the seashore, bayshore, wetlands and harbor. Learn more about the many Marine Science entities here in South Beach (NOAA, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon Coast Aquarium) and travel part of the Tsunami Route for this area. Meet us at 10am to sign in for an easy three (5k) or six mile (10k) walk. Walk fast, walk slow, we cheerfully walk at your pace (or give you a map and directions to go faster) and leave no walker behind.

I have been asked to point out that this walk goes by the Rogue Brewery twice for those who may be hungry, thirsty or need a time out.​

The only April fools will be those who miss out on this refreshing spring jaunt on a Coastal Gems flat route.