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Join us for a Special Talk - On William Blake & the Left Hemisphere of the brain

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Blake & The Left Hemisphere - a special talk by Roderick Tweedy.

Author Roderick Tweedy explores themes from his book The God of
the Left Hemisphere: Blake, Bolte Taylor and the Myth of Creation,
which examines the connections between the activities and functions of the human brain that William Blake termed ‘Urizen’ and the powerful complex of rationalising and ordering processes which
modern neuroscience identifies as ‘left hemisphere’ brain activity.
The talk also features a showing of Jill Bolte Taylor’s remarkable TED podcast, ‘My Stroke of Insight’, examining the relation between the left and right brain and how this profoundly affects our own mental health.

Roderick Tweedy, PhD, completed his education at Oxford University
in 1997, researching the poet Shelley’s interest in contemporary
science and natural philosophy. He has written a number of articles
and reviews on Romanticism and the English Romantics, and is an
active member of the Blake Society. He is currently editor for Karnac Books, and an enthusiastic supporter of the user-led mental health organization, Mental Fight Club.

Opportunity for mingling, networking & Q&A afterwards.