May Speaker, Ron Silverthorn

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Commonwealth Senior Living 236 Commons Way, Williamsburg, VA[masked] am to 1 pm. Please join us.

“As a professional musician for nearly forty years, Ron Silverthorn’s main concern in life was the next gig and his fiancée. His goal in life was to compose that one piece of music that would finally give him his “break” and give his life some purpose. That was until the spring of 2012, the year in which survival became his only concern. What he thought was indigestion turned out to be much worse and six months later major surgery to remove a tumor from the pancreas was required.
During recovery from surgery, Mr. Silverthorn experienced not one or two, but three near death encounters, followed by visitation in his hospital room from several spiritual beings. Furthermore, he asserts that his survival would have not been possible without the intervention of these loving spirits. These events have had, and continue to have, a profound affect on Ron, forever changing the way he views all aspects of life and death. Now realizing that everything we do in this life has purpose, because we never really die, we just move on to the next phase of our existence. The account of his journey is one of Hope and Promise, and above all… Love. Because in the end, all that really matters is how much we have Loved.”

A donation of $10.00 is appreciated, but not required for admission.