• Speaker meeting, Williamsburg Friends of iANDS

    James City County Library

    July speaker, July 27, Joan Fowler, ALL are welcome! James City County Library 7770 Croaker Rd, Williamsburg, VA[masked] am to 1 pm. Please join us. Joan Fowler received her formal education in Engineering at the United States Military Academy West Point and graduated in the 3rd class of Women to enter the institution. She also has an MBA from Webster University and is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher 500 RYT. Following a near death experience in 1989, Joan had been in search of a way to re-experience the elation and knowingness that was present during her NDE. She was soon to experience it again when, in January 2008 as she picked up Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself,” she was struck by a powerful electrical sensation. She immediately read the book and scheduled Reconnective Healing Sessions and The Reconnection. During the sessions that feeling of knowingness, of peace, of home surfaced again and continues to permeate her daily life. It is with great humility and gratitude that Joan participates and continues the expansion of this incredible work. She sponsors grassroots efforts with local area practitioners to expand public awareness of The Reconnection through cooperative advertising, public speaking, as well as practitioner mentoring and Hospice work. She offers sessions of Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Reconnective-Certified Practitioner Program training, Practitioner Credentialing, Mentoring and Refresher courses. A donation of $10.00 is appreciated, but not required for admission.

  • June Speaker Meeting of iands

    James City County Library

    James City County Library 7770 Croaker Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188. June 29, 11 am to 1 pm. Please join us. The Rev. Dick Dinges of the Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS Board will be our next speaker. He had a spiritually-transformative experience in 1960 that propelled him into the ministry, and he served in pastoral roles in the United Church of Christ for 26 years. During that time he learned about and studied near-death experience, and went through an intense period of discernment. He arrived at the conclusion that the widespread public exposure of near-death experience is an update from God to clarify many truths, among which are that God is Love and we are all God's children. Dick introduced the topic of near-death experience in churches he served, and continues to spread the news wherever he goes. He currently serves as a chaplain with Heartland Hospice, and is often blessed with the opportunity to share about life beyond with persons who are dying. Dick has written an article that summarizes near-death experience, and he invites interested persons to read the article prior to the meeting. It's entitled "Near-Death Experience and What We Can Learn from It," and it's found at http://www.vbiands.com/research.htm. Dick can be contacted at [masked] and (757)[masked]. A donation of $10.00 is appreciated, but not required for admission.

  • May Speaker, Ron Silverthorn

    Heritage Commons

    Commonwealth Senior Living 236 Commons Way, Williamsburg, VA[masked] am to 1 pm. Please join us. “As a professional musician for nearly forty years, Ron Silverthorn’s main concern in life was the next gig and his fiancée. His goal in life was to compose that one piece of music that would finally give him his “break” and give his life some purpose. That was until the spring of 2012, the year in which survival became his only concern. What he thought was indigestion turned out to be much worse and six months later major surgery to remove a tumor from the pancreas was required. During recovery from surgery, Mr. Silverthorn experienced not one or two, but three near death encounters, followed by visitation in his hospital room from several spiritual beings. Furthermore, he asserts that his survival would have not been possible without the intervention of these loving spirits. These events have had, and continue to have, a profound affect on Ron, forever changing the way he views all aspects of life and death. Now realizing that everything we do in this life has purpose, because we never really die, we just move on to the next phase of our existence. The account of his journey is one of Hope and Promise, and above all… Love. Because in the end, all that really matters is how much we have Loved.” A donation of $10.00 is appreciated, but not required for admission.