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This group is currently on hiatus through Summer 2020. I hope to bring it back in some form either in September or October.

Mission Statement: Men coming together to provide a non-judgmental, welcoming, nurturing environment for men to support and encourage each other to heal, grow, and evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

I hope to find other like-minded men who are committed to their own self growth, who wish to examine their "shadow," and who wish to support other men who want to do the same. I hope to create a culture and an environment where the "divine masculine" may be supported and nurtured.

This group is open to any person who identifies as a man, regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or anatomical features, who wishes to become more self-aware, to own his shadow, to heal his trauma--both recent and old, to become more emotionally available to himself and others, to explore--and redefine, if necessary--his ideas of "masculinity," to become a better partner/spouse to his significant other (and better father, if he has kids), and be a better steward for his community and the planet.

To help ensure that when we meet this group will be a “safe space,” we adhere to the following guidelines:

1. What is shared in the group shall remain confidential. We can expect that what we share or talk about while in group will not be disclosed to anyone outside the group.

2. No violence is permitted in the group. This includes not only physical violence or aggression towards each other, but also includes aggressive, hostile language that would demean, belittle, or threaten another.

3. Each one of us agrees to take responsibility for owning our “stuff.” We use this time together as an opportunity to disclose about self, to talk about our own struggles, hurts, fears, concerns, and losses. Of course, we are also permitted to share our hopes, dreams, achievements, and accomplishments.

4. We listen to each other with an open mind and an open heart. At times we may react negatively to something another might share in the group. We are permitted to tell that other person that we have been triggered, but we do not attack him. We also use it as an opportunity to reflect on and explore why we were triggered. We acknowledges that others do not have to share our same beliefs and values.

5. When sharing with the group, speakers will take turns. Each person can expect that he will be allowed to share fully what is on his mind and heart without being interrupted by another or before another topic is introduced. A speaker indicates when he is done sharing and is permitted to indicate whether he wishes feedback or not. He may just want to put something out in the “ether,” or he may wish to receive honest, appropriate, respectful feedback.

6. We avoid political discussions because they embody an “us-them” dichotomy and can create a divisive, polarized environment. Politics also represents a group identification. This gathering wishes to foster an environment where each of us reflects on himself, his personal experience and reality.

7. We allow ourselves to use moderate profanity and salty language, provided it is used to communicate our emotional state and is not directed toward another person or group of people.

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Virtual Men's Sharing Circle

Online event

Because of my vacation schedule, we will be meeting on the 4th Monday of June, not our usual 3rd Monday.

There will b a virtual Sharing Circle Monday, June 28, at 7pm. We will be using Zoom. (The Zoom invitation will be available to those who RSVP.)

The purpose of these meetings is receive support, encouragement, and understanding from other men. We are permitted to share with each other our struggles, difficulties, and challenges in a judgment-free zone. Collectively there is much uncertainty and anxiety in our society currently, and on top of our collective issues, many of us may also have our own personal situations and circumstances that provide even more challenges. Challenges and difficulties are always lightened when shared.

Tentative agenda: A few minutes of quiet time to take our "internal temperature," a brief review of the guidelines of the group, introductions and check-in, followed by discussion and sharing.

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Virtual Men's Sharing Circle

Online event

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