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The Wiltshire Social Group (WSG), is a membership based group for anyone living in Wiltshire looking to meet some interesting people and have a social life. We have members from all walks of life and ages throughout Wiltshire. We are a friendly bunch of people, and are a growing group. Our main aim is to allow people to meet up and do stuff socially.

We charge £5 per year to be a member, to cover Meetup running costs.

We give all new members 1 month's trial to see if the group is for them, and expect a financial contribution during the month. If the financial contribution is not forthcoming, and/or you waste any of our organiser's time, we reserve the right to remove you from the group after the month has elapsed.

Help Us to Help You

We have decided to tighten up our new member entry requirements due to a large number of fake members or members who join and have no intention of participating, or are basically time wasters, RSVP'ing to an event only to never show up. It's not fun waiting around for people who don't show up.

All the organisers of this group who spend time putting on many amazing events for everyone to enjoy including themselves have requested that we start tightening up on the rules of the group.

How to Join

To join we simply ask you pay a small annual fee of £5 which can be made via paypal or to a BACS bank transfer to a nominated Lloyds Bank account provided for this purpose.

This we hope will make new members more committed to attending events in person. We have to be firm to be fair to everyone in our community. All non payers will be removed from the group.

Other Groups!

The annual fee covers the cost of the Swindon Social and New Friends Group as well as it's sister groups Wiltshire Social Group and Wiltshire Wanderers Walking Group, which you may also be interested in joining.

Meetup isn't free!

Meetup costs money to run, roughly £147 a year which has been paid by the founding organiser. From now on this cost is shared with those who use the group and it will no longer be a free group. The fees will ensure the group is sustainable in the long term. Non Meetup advertising will also use the funds remaining.

You may wonder what happens to the rest of the money once the Meetup fees are paid for? These are used as a reserve for future years, as well as providing funds to purchase advertising materials such as flyers, banners and such like for advertising outside of meetup, as well as the cost of training events to develop new organisers. The fees will ensure the group is sustainable in the long term, and that we continue to grow with a wide range of events to suit most people's interests.

More members = more organisers = more events!

Want to organise an event - Become an Organiser and get FREE membership!

To attract organisers to the group, we offer free membership to all new organisers after they have arranged 3 events. Please contact any existing organiser to set this up.

The £5 membership due is returned to them via special organiser only thank you reward events as well as regular events where we pay your drinks/entry. To become an organiser, simply mention you'd like to organise something you would do already but want to invite others along, after you have paid the annual fee.

All current organisers who have posted events will remain as free £0 members.

Membership Dues:

Up to December 2016 the group was self funded by the main organiser. For those of you who don't know, Meetup charges the principle organiser £196 a year to run a group. He is no longer willing to shoulder the entire cost of running the group considering he has shelled out £980 over the past 5 years to run groups.

As this is an ongoing cost, and he does not wish to continue to fork out of his pocket or subsidize this group for peoples social lives, he has decided to spread the burden for those who use it by charging a very reasonable fee. Why should 1 person financially support the needs of others?!

We charge a very reasonable £5 a year per person, which is used to help pay for the Meetup costs of this group.

There is a lifetime option of £20 per person, or members wishing to up following paying £5 can do so for an additional £15.

Payment can be made by BACS to our Lloyds Bank Account:-

Account Number: 21678060

Sort Code: 30 90 85

Name of Account: Wiltshire Social Group

Payment can also be made via Paypal via the address

All current organisers who have posted events will be exempt from this charge, to encourage new organisers to come forward. If you have paid your £5, after organising events, your membership will be refunded.

Payment can also be made in person to an event organiser.

Any Questions?

Any questions please kindly message the group on or contact David on 01249 464 325.


Since starting the group has run many interesting and varied events including Meals, Cinema, Drinks, Comedy nights, Dancing, Badminton, Sunday meals, Live Music, Drama Shows, Walking, Hill Walking, Charity Walks, Dog Walks, BBQs, Museum visits, Beer Festivals, Cider Festivals, Pub Crawls, Jazz Festivals, Jazz nights, Food & Drink Shows, Coffee & Snacks, Hog Roasts, History Talks, Quiz Nights, Firework Displays, and our monthly social drinks get together in Royal Wotton Bassett/Swindon/Melksham/Chippenham.


The group was formed as Wiltshire is a bit of a social back water in regards to existing social groups/clubs, and there was not a Wiltshire wide organisation bringing people together. The founder has tried various other social groups and clubs, some very famous ones, though they suffer from being expensive, restrictive or repetitive. The aim of this social group is to grow a large, inclusive and fun social club that accommodates everyone.


Joining the Wiltshire Social Group is easy, straight forward and fun!

1: Click Join Now

First click on the Meetup Join Now button which takes you to the Meetup set up instructions. It will ask you for your name. Please give your full name as we often have people with the same first name and it can help us organisers work out who is who. It all helps us to help you. Every we do on here is for our members benefit.

2: Fill in those Icebreaker Questions

Please answer the five ice breaker questions, such as where you live, where you work, what interests you have, what you'd like the group to organise, and if you kindly want to volunteer to become an organiser, please say so too. You can also find out about our lovely members by looking at each and every profile and their introductions.

3: Add a Human Face Photograph so we can identify you

Next please add a photo to your profile so we can identify you. The site will not proceed to the next step without you adding a photo. Can you kindly please add a photo of your face, so we can see who is who when you attend our events. A face means you can also identify all of our other members faces too.

If your job means that for whatever reason you don't wish members to see your face, be it a sensitive vocation, then you can opt for a discrete photo.

4: Verify Your Email Address

Meetup will ask you for your email address and password, then ask you to verify your details to ensure you are human and not a robot. Check your email inbox to see Meetup's verification email and click on the link. If you can't find it, look at your junk or spam folders, as sometimes emails go missing.


The Wiltshire Social Group is governed by some common sense rules that protect the group and its members from harm. Please look at our terms of use agreement ( before you become a member.

Kind Regards,

David Preston, Founding Member

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