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This meet up is for anyone involved in real estate investment (REI), interested in REI or part of the REI process. Our primary focus will be networking with people involved in the real estate investment process. Weather your an investor, agent, lender, contractor, etc. My goal will be to have group discussion topics and possibly the occasional guest speaker. The plan is to meet monthly at a local establishment. Ultimately I want this to be a group that's about sharing knowledge and networking so that everyone will gain value from it in a casual environment.


This group is designed for members to share ideas and experiences as it pertains to real estate investing (REI) and NOT to be taken as or considered to be official financial or legal advice in any way. Any information shared by the leadership or members of this group is based on their personal experience, knowledge, or understanding of related topics and should NOT be considered to be the typical results. Although many of the systems and/or strategies discussed in this group have been successful, you are responsible to discuss any investment or legal actions you take with your own personal representatives and no member(s) of this group can be held legally liable for any financial loss or illegal actions taken by another member(s). We encourage everyone to check with your legal representative or local, state, and federal officials to ensure legality before making any real estate transactions.

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Marketing Strategies

Picadillies Public House

MLS Deals

Picadillies Public House

Initial meeting and future planning

Picadillies Public House

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