• Windsor Humanists Annual Festive Dinner

    Côte Brasserie - Windsor

    Our traditional annual festive dinner is by popular demand back at the Cote Brasserie where we had a lovely delicious meal last year. All welcome - we will send out the menus nearer the time.

  • Windsor Humanists Annual Quiz Night - Hosted by our very own Quiz Master Dan

    Our Quizmaster Dan will host our Annual Quiz Night with a humanists flavour this year at the Waterman Arms - all welcome. Come along and get the new year off to an intelligent competitive start - there will be novelty prizes for the winners!

  • Windsor Humanists Speaker Event Talk Yourself Better by Comedian Ariane Sherin

    We are delighted that for our Darwin Talk this year the comedienne Ariane Sherin will come to Windsor as part of her nationwide tour of local humanist groups to talk to us humorously on 'How to Talk Yourself Better' about her experiences with mental illness. All Welcome for what should be an interesting and very different Darwin talk this year! The Times reviewed her recent book as follows:- 'It's everything you didn't know about therapy or were afraid to ask, but by no means the daunting read you might imagine. Sherine, an award-winning comedian and writer for TV and radio, has persuaded such people as Stephen Fry, David Baddiel and Dolly Alderton to write warts-and-all pieces for the book about their struggles with mental health'

  • Windsor Humanists Speaker Event - Fighting FAKE by Dr Mike Flood

    In his talk Mike will explain what’s changed to make ‘fake news’ & disinformation such a difficult problem for democracy to handle; and he will look at what can and is being done by government, the media, business and NGOs to tackle the problem. The challenge we face is to find ways of neutralising the threat and rebuilding social capital without compromising our privacy, security and freedom — or seeing our country morph into a police state. This is not going to be easy, given the complexity of the issues and the speed of technological change. Mike has worked in the non-profit sector for virtually his entire professional career. After studying chemistry at university, he converted to the social sciences and worked as an environmental consultant (to Friends of the Earth). He also served as a technology lecturer and tutor (with the Open University); and for many years ran a small charity (Powerful Information) working on grassroots community development in Eastern Europe and West Africa.

  • Windsor Humanists Annual What is Humanism? - led by Dr Anthony Lewis

    Our very own Chair Dr Anthony Lewis will present an overview of Humanism to both the curious and dedicated! All welcome to come along and find out what all the fuss is about - followed by an open discussion on our own personal views on humanism. If I'm spiritual can I be a humanist? Are there any humanists in the corporate and business world? Isn't everyone a humanists by definition? I am a religious humanist - is this possible? Is humanism a bit wet?! What is the difference between secularism and humanism if any? etc etc - so many questions that we are asked - this is our attempt once a year to enlighten inform and entertain hopefully illustrating that humanism is not always earnest and serious but can be fun too!