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About The Divas

Don't let the word "diva" scare you! We're a fun, easy going, inclusive group looking to savor life (mind, body & soul), socialize, make new friends, explore new places, enjoy outdoor activities, and have a good time! Plus using the name "diva" makes reservations much more entertaining! We do dress up, and we do super-casual-comfy-no-makeup too...so choose whichever you prefer.

With the Northern Colorado (NoCo) area growth, we started this regional all-female group in hopes of making new friends and memories close to home. Most MeetUps will be at venues around the I-25 corridor b/w Loveland and Foco...though we definitely plan events abroad too!


There are no conditions of membership, other than being female. because ...those over 40 tend to focus more on adult-oriented activities and are often freer to make plans on the fly when not rearing younger children whereas those with with younger kids tend to have very different lifestyles & interests. People in different stages of life tend to focus on different priorities however, we do have members with toddlers, who are under 40, or live outside this group's main area.

Some members attend regularly, and some attend occasionally. Our motto is...no pressure and the more the merrier!! :)

We encourage you to attach your email to your meet-up page so you can receive email notices about upcoming events, notices, etc.

What About Men??

This group isn't just for women at every event. Depending on the interest shown, we plan to try some events for couples, some events where you can come alone or bring your partner or spouse, and of course some all-girl events. We also sometimes mash up with other MeetUp groups.

This Group Is a Community Effort & Isn't Free To Run:

Running the site and organizing events takes time so we are hoping this group can grow enough to add more organizers to help offer more quantity, quality, and diversity to meet all needs and schedules. Until then, the organizers may be able to participate in all events.

Think of this group as your wishlist of things you've always wanted to do if you make the effort, are willing to work with others to find mutually agreeable times and activities, assist with the costs, etc.

So suggest your own MeetUps (https://www.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/messages/boards/thread/36766422) , or meet up with each other when you see someone else that's interested in the same activities and times. Since others have generously stepped up and hosted amazing MeetUps, and I truly believe our recent growth spurt is due to the more diverse MeetUps different hosts bring! Or if you aren't comfortable suggesting your own MeetUps, simply message the organizers with a MeetUp suggestions and we'll help set it up for you.

Anyone that has been involved with MeetUp knows it is not free to operate it. It costs about $180/yr for this group's MeetUp dues. However as MeetUp's dues rise, a lot of MeetUp groups are either closing or starting to charge dues.

So please be mindful of the fact we can only do so much if others don't chip in to help with the expensive costs to run this group, and time demands of organizing or suggesting events. I'd like to thank my organizers....your thoughtfulness is always greatly appreciated!

If you see the value of our group's vision and efforts, have enjoyed our events, or want to support our growing community and keep this group alive, please consider chipping in to cover our costs and make this community even better! Due to the increasing costs of running this MeetUp group, if we do not receive enough contributions to keep this group afloat financially, we may have to initiate a small annual membership dues soon. As we grow, we intend to offer more diverse events.


This group is costly to run, so please keep our group running and free of dues by clicking this link (https://secure.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/contribute/) or donating in the donation jar at events.

So please pass the word to your Meetup friends to look for the traveling Donation Jar at events. This isn't required, but your voluntary contribution is greatly appreciated to offset our costs. Donations beyond annual MeetUps fees will be used to help cover our group's MeetUp dues, supplies, events, and thank you gifts for organizers.

We Welcome Your Ideas!

We think these would be fun ways to make new friends and explore all the wonderful things the nearby areas have to offer in positive, joyful, and creative ways. For more detailed list of the ideas we've discussed, please visit these links to our Message Boards:

• Ideas for Monthly Meet & Greets (https://www.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/messages/boards/thread/45208782)

• Ideas for couples' activities (https://www.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/messages/boards/thread/48695658)

• Ideas for girl-time activities, walking, dancing, exercise, dining & drinks, cooking, live music, night life, festivals & fairs, arts, trips, and other social activities (https://www.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/messages/boards/thread/36363802)

The Meet & Greets, walks, & other activities offer us a great chance to get to know each other and offer ideas. But please remember, the group organizers don't have photographic memories, so your ideas are most likely to get implemented if you post them to their related Message Board (https://www.meetup.com/Windsor-Severance-Area-Divas-Over-40/messages/boards/).

As We Grow & Develop Friendships

After joining, please visit our pages and discussions for important information and to get the most out of this group. Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Kellyrae Rupp, Organizer

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