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Wine Seminar: From Terroir to the Glass (Beginners Edition)

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Welcome to Wine Seminars!


- Goal of the day: understanding the basic principles behind growing grapes and winemaking that affect the style and quality of the wine.

- Wines: here's what we will get this time:

1) Dry white in alsatian bottle to try the delicious equilibrium between the crisp and dry to rich and tasty. Gewürztraminer is in the way!

2) Thinking in a bold, spicy red malbec? Well, no. This seminar is to learn about wine style... So are you ready for a delicate malbec rosé from Argentina?

3) We'll talk about some techniques to develop the most fruity wines in the world... And you can't pass on France on this issue: a red Beaujolais-Villages and let's grape explote!

4) Learning about styles? Never ever skip a true 24 months oak aged red, bold wine. Spanish Jumilla Reserva Monastrell at its 90%


During each session we cover a wine topic and taste 4 wines. We develop the topics every month, usually covering wine production, wine regions and varietals. If some of you are interested in a special topic, ask for it, and let the others learn with you!

You cannot participate if you are under 21. ID will be required.

The seminars are conducted by Silvia O.Franco, who is born in the middle of the most famous cava (1) area of Barcelona and certified specialist by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and the American Wine School. She will encourage the people to participate and... You'll enjoy it! (if you can stand her accent).

(1) Wine beginners: Cava is a sparkling white wine produced in Catalonia ;)

Since 2015, ( has developed an educational activity around wine. WhatVINO is a wine blog devoted to wine beginners that has been producing educational quality contents for free and spreading the love for wine.

What VINO has about 6,000 readers in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area, but don't worry if you haven't tried it yet! We'd loved to meet you and share our passion with you. You can check our site or join this group (preferably do both!). We're not the ones who are going to pontificate about the most hidden spot in the rarest wine production area of the world or going to find the most strange and secret aroma in a glass of wine. We're learning, we communicate easy and quick concepts that help to better enjoy that great drink. We learn and we practice and we have fun! This is wine education for people that are at the beginning of the way, willing to learn the basics and grow with a community of wine activists.

Any doubts? Write to [masked]