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International Grenache Day
Deep within Aragon, a region in the north of Spain, a deep purple-red jewel dangles in bunches from vibrant green leaves. It has grown in the warm sun of its native land, filling with a characteristic berry type sweetness and just a touch of spiciness that make it incredibly interesting to fans of wine. This is the Garancha (Spanish) / Grenache (French) grape, and it was once known as the Red of Aragon (Tinto Aragonés). The Grenache Association established International Grenache Day to celebrate this grape and all the varieties and vintages of wine that were produced from it. International Grenache Day gives you the opportunity to explore this wine, its history, and become just a little bit of an oenophile for a day. For the whole month of September Pierre Loti Chelsea will be offering wines from northeastern Spain and Roussillon in southeastern France made from the Garnacha (Spanish) / Grenache (French) grapes. Wines will be red, rosé and white wines from the regions. Stop by on this special evening to enjoy the unique flavors of Granacha/Grenache. A live flamenco guitarist will provide the music and the party will make you think you are in Spain! Enjoy $6 glasses of these remarkable wines. Stop by any time! More information about Garnacha / Grenache is at

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Welcome to Wine Lovers of NYC! We are a fun group of people ready to have a great time as we enjoy wine. Come and sample a variety of wines.

Wine Lovers of NYC was started as a club of New York City wine lovers on in 2014. We took over the group in early 2015 and have grown the group to more than 5000 members. We hold regular tastings at Pierre Loti Wine Bars ( and other venues throughout New York City and we are planning to expand events into Brooklyn and Queens. Our tastings are both intimate tastings of fine wines guided by some of the leading wine experts in the world and larger walkaround tastings where attendees can sample many wines in a party atmosphere. We also help promote charity wine tastings and occasionally larger events held by partner organizations.

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