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Wonderful Wine Tasting at different destinations, taste the world’s unique flavors of a real food filled with plenty of local interaction & cultural exploration, Dip your toes into wine touring worldwide and have fun all the time with delightful company.

Our objective is to create a community of wine & travel lovers that escape the stress and difficulties of modern life for few days or weekend to enjoy superb scenery of the mountains & have gourmet picnic amongst the vines which entice us to stay a little longer! To share the experience & learn tidbits of local wine-making history around the world through wine tours programs.

Don’t forget to enjoy wine spa in each country which take you to another world and let you feel young & Goddess of Beauty. The wine festivals is a different experience which usually open with bright, colorful and spectacular parade of the best wine-makers, combined with songs & performance of different artistic groups, offering the chance to savor the flavor of wine & traditional food.

Our chosen countries are very selective and specialized in wine-making.

Indulge your senses in all these glorious parts of wine tours and come with us!


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