What we're about

Do you consider yourself a little bit "woo"? Or have you heard of 'woo-woo' things and are curious to explore? Then this group might just be for you!

We are a group of spiritually-minded women who love, or are interested in various "woo" techniques that can help us grow, release, heal, transform, expand, get unstuck and move us forward into creating our lives on purpose. (We also enjoy a bit of wine now and then too!)

'Woo' works and we will be using various powerful energetic therapies and techniques to become happier, more empowered and free both inside and out!

These are just some of the techniques we'll be using during our sessions: EFT/Tapping, guided meditation, access consciousness, Quantum Jumping, visioning, Compassion Code, the Power of 8 intention work and more.

If you believe in wine and 'woo' too join us as we come together to sip, share, explore, heal and grow into the best versions of ourselves!

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New Moon Manifesting Circle

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Free New Moon Manifesting Circle Tomorrow

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Free New Moon Manifesting Circle + Card Pull

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