What we're about

Wine lovers and relationship/self-improvement enthusiasts, Welcome to the Party with a Purpose!

At our events, we begin with a topic and fun activity (please be on time!), then discuss over wine! At the 2-hour mark we do our closing, which "completes" our time together, although you are welcome to stay longer in most cases.

Education and fun rolled into one! My commitment to you is that you leave every event with something you didn't have/know before. Trainings, tidbits and treasures, oh my!

Requests for topics welcome! Invite your friends! Let's get this edu-party started!

Re: events! I understand wanting to go to an event and then changing your mind, things come up, life happens. Make sure you change your RSVP before the event. As much time as possible would be appreciated.


Party: Of course it begins with fun! And, if you love wine, you're in the right place! We will always have wine and sometimes even learn about wine! 🍾🥂🍷

Understanding: We all come from different places, have had different experiences and show up with different personalities but we all need the kind of understanding that can only come from other humans. 👭👫👬

Relationships: Every interaction creates a relationship of some sort. We are in some kind of relationship with every person in our lives. Our relationships shape who We Are, allow us to express ourselves in the world an give our lives meaning. We talked about relationships in this group at our gatherings, in a fun way, a way that allows us to learn, grow and improve our relationships and relate to each other. We come together strangers and we leave friends. 💏

Participation: This is not just another wine social where you have to force yourself to go, you leave early (or want to) and you may or may not have talked to anyone the whole time you forced yourself to stand there with a drink in your hand. Our time together is structured so that even the shyest among us want to be involved in the fun and look forward to our events! 💃🏃

Outstanding: I challenge you to be and bring your best self to this party and stand out! You are unique and deserve to be celebrated for who you are! 🤹🧘🤾🧜

Safe: It's imperative that people feel safe enough to participate. What happens in Wine & Whine... You get the picture. No gossip, no Judgy McJudgerson and no hate. ❤️

Everyone: If you are here, you are family. Everyone is welcomed. 👸👩‍🚒👳👩‍🍳🧓👧👲👩‍🎓👩‍🏫👮👸

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