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This is a group for all people who want to learn more about wine. If you're a beginner and want to learn the basics of wine, or if you're a passionate wine lover, always eager to learn new wine regions, grape varieties, wine styles, ... then you are more than welcome to join !

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Premium Wines of the USA



US wines are unknown to many of us because they are hard to find and expensive. So why not join us for this tasting, where the idea is to discover some premium wines from Trumplandia. Don't worry... no politics, not too much theory, just tasting and enjoying good wines together! Price: 80€ Register via http://www.winecab.be/en/tastecabs_en/

New South Wales and Tasmania



Finally... the last session of our Australia series that started before summer, but which we had to delay because of Covid. But it was worth the wait because you are in for a treat: the unique wines of the Hunter Valley, top notch sparklers and Pinot Noir's from Tasmania and some other surprises! Register via: http://www.winecab.be/en/thematic-course/ Price: 60€

The Wines of New Zealand



After our popular series on Australian we explore the Down Under a bit further with a session devoted to New Zealand. Don't worry, we won't be drinking grassy Sauvignon Blanc all night... New Zealand is so much more than that! Many international varieties have found a unique expression in the cool Kiwi climate. You are in for some nice discoveries! Register via http://www.winecab.be/en/thematic-course/ Price: 60€

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New beginners course: Intro to the world of wine



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