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The Wine Enthusiasts Meetup Group
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This month we are meeting at City Line Bar and Grill on Western Avenue. A few members have suggested this spot.

Here's their website:

And their drink menu (wines are at the bottom):

Sorry for the delay in posting the location. I missed the email back confirming us.

Please don't forget to bring your $1 to help with the $23.99/month fee that is now charging me to host our group on their site. I choose to collect $1 when you attend the meetup rather than asking anyone to chip in because I think that method makes the most when you come rather than paying and never being able to make it. Thank you to everyone who throws their $1 in the envelope each time. Someday when enough extra dollars are saved up, we'll have a party!

PLEASE have cash on you. Paying with cash is typically easiest for the places we patronize. Additionally, please be sure you pay for everything you have ordered (wine and food) before you leave. We don't want to get a bad reputation for walking out on tabs because then venues won't have us back. Thanks!!!