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First Meeting! Come one and come all!
This will be our first meeting at Jerry's Deli. We would love to have your input and enthusiasm. Here is a chance to enter on the ground floor and become a charter member of this meetup. You will be given a chance to order from the menu.

Jerry's Deli

16650 Ventura Blvd. · Encino, CA

Respond by: 1/3/2019
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    What we're about

    We are a group of like-minded people who want to see our voices represented in the state of California. Currently, most of us have no Republican representatives in our local districts. This situation must change.

    We want this state to stop wasting our hard-earned money on causes that don't represent all of the people. We are about reasonable solutions to challenging problems. We are about accountability, insuring that the local government is transparent and informs the citizens before they pay for expensive projects. We believe we have effective laws already in place. We want the government to honor those laws.

    Our mission is to get as many Republicans to local and state office as we can. Any people interested in Republican politics are welcome to join us.

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