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A huge opportunity exists today by sharing of expertise. Mumbai has been known to be a city of dreams. If you have a dream this is a place to look out for people who can connect with you to help you realize that dream.
This group has been primarily designed to help you about How to Setup a Business and Customer Network with right attitude that you need to have and shares the different ways in which you can develop them. Also cover the different challenges you could possibly face, based on the experiences of previous leaders, and provides you with some ideas by which you could tide over these challenges effortlessly. Our leaders also help you to understand the mechanics of building the business and their applications.
" We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired to glory.
IDEA The idea behind this meetup group "Winning Team Entrepreneurs Global" is for fellow entrepreneurs to get together, inspire each other, share knowledge, give advice, encourage, discuss and even on field support for sales pitch. We all want to start a business but don't know where to start, but we know that we are not alone, so here we are as a forum at "Winning Team Entrepreneurs Global". Some of us are successful entrepreneur and we are in expansion mode with like-minded people, we sharing our knowledge and support others to get started. So together we can rich great heights. No matter what the motivation is, or you want to be your own boss. The idea is to meet up and share! If our wavelength matches we all can grow together.

“Faith can move mountain, but to move mountain you need to dig it with faith”.
So let’s start digging NOW!

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Open Team Meeting

St Joseph School Auditorium

Business plan followed by N.D.O.P. and L.D.P.

Peru Baug

Open Team Meeting

St Joseph School Auditorium


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