3 Steps To Making A Profit With Your eCommerce Store

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Are you sick of all this talk about running FB books ads, then finding out you lost more money than you made…. Or wondering why some people are succeeding and why you are not?

During this event, we will cover 3 easy ways to make sure you stop losing money and start making a profit!

1. The #1 step to a successful business -Knowing your customer.

Without this, you can forget ever making a profit…

Knowing who your customer is, and what they really want is your key to success.

I will show you a simple step by step formula to finding the people that want what you sell AND are willing to spend money!

2. The hottest topic at the moment is Social Media Influencer Marketing!

Learn the Why, What & How of working with influencers

Why: Social media influencers are great for your Shopify business

What: Is the best way to work with them and choosing the right ones

How: To take action immediately

3. Google Ads & YouTube Ads- Learn the BEST way to make a profit with Google & YouTube using text, image, video, Gmail, remarketing ads. Plus learn some ninja tactics on how to target your competitors to legally steal their traffic onto your Shopify store!


👩🏼‍💻Caroline Balinska, Just Ask Parker

Caroline is a forward-thinking game changer with simple solutions for Shopify Merchants to get their first 1000 sales.

THE FIRST 1000 ARE THE HARDEST! Caroline's ability to change the mindset of merchants is the real trick to her skill. Her bold creative ideas make others take notice, and she presents them in her own unique way that is easy to understand for a newbie merchant.

People watch to see what Caroline will do next because she thwarts traditional boundaries.
Her ability to reformulate products, processes, and business models is her distinct advantage in the ever-changing world of eCommerce.

Passionate about business and marketing, Caroline mentors and speaks professionally about a multitude of business and marketing topics and often focuses around marketing pertinent to eCommerce businesses.

Caroline is the founder of Just Ask Parker! The only Shopify Marketing Experts offering small task marketing solutions for Shopify stores earning less than $10,000 a month.

👨🏾‍💻Uzair Kharawala, SF Digital Studios

Uzair is one of the very few professionals in the UK who is both a Google Partner & YouTube Certified. He is an expert in paid & organic traffic strategies using Google & YouTube.

He has presented seminars & workshops for many major companies and is also regularly featured on the world's leading digital marketing portal, SEMRush.