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www.standbymespeakers.ca Learn the fundamental soft skills needed for success in life -

Leadership, Public Speaking, Communication, and Debating,
Learn to communicate more effectively.
Improve your English Skills
Increase your self-confidence and ability to defend your interests.
Learn to move people to action, to lead small and big teams.
Network with people around the world
Become part of a huge worldwide community of like-minded peers, with networking opportunities in over 70 countries around the world.
Totally cost-free and ad-free, where the only thing you need is to invest your time and energy for your own improvement. The Agora Speakers International Foundation is a European nonprofit educational charity that helps create better communicators and better leaders who are actively involved in improving their local communities and promote peaceful cooperation and resolution of conflicts. We provide a specialized educational program and work by means of local clubs managed by volunteers where people meet and practice in a friendly and supportive environment. Agora has now over 15.000 members worldwide, over 170 local clubs in over 70 countries around the world. All our activities and educational materials are free and you only a desire to learn, help others, and make a difference.

We currently meet online via Zoom. The meeting is at 10.30 CDT

Contact Wayne at wstanton@shaw.ca

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Improve Your English Speaking Communication Skills

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Don't let your fear of public speaking hold you back anymore. Winnipeg's newest and most dynamic communication and leadership club is accepting new members right now visit www.standbymespeakers.ca for more information. Don't dream it...be it!

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