What we're about

Who we are:
-We are open-minded, inspired, and driven entrepreneurs in Winnipeg, Manitoba
-We dream big and take steps towards our goals every single day
-We collaborate together as separate parts of the same whole to create an amazing feeling of synergy and unbreakable bonds within our group.
-We put our well-being first
-We claim the freedom which life has to offer

We base ourselves off 3 simple principles:
1) Be yourself
2) Friends first
3) Leave people better than you found them

..and guess what? The rest just follows!

We are attracting:
-Heart-centered entrepreneurs, who are positive, bold and conscious.
-Those who want simplicity, joy, freedom, abundant energy and resources to support their ideal lifestyle.
-Those who have big dreams, goals, and visions for their lifetime and aren't afraid to get off the sidelines and take action towards them.
-Those who are tired of 'going at it alone' and want to feel the support of a team who have your best interests at heart and who have your back 24/7. Lets work together to self-actualize and be all that we can be in this beautiful mess of a world we live in! We can't wait to meet you!

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