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Try three different Stage Combat disciplines in one weekend! Unarmed, Single Sword, and Cloak and Sword!
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All experience levels welcome!

Open to artists, students, and enthusiasts.

Ages 18+ | (16+ with signed parental consent)

Jan 24: Unarmed | Jan 25: Single Sword | Jan 26: Cloak & Sword

6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Our Taste of Violence Workshops are arranged the same way a flight of wine or beer is: They are an assortment of different stage combat disciplines served together in small, 2-hour class portions over the course of a weekend for folks to sample. This flight of fights is a fun way for curious artists and enthusiasts to sample try different stage combat disciplines before committing to a full Society of American Fight Directors certification course. We offer these workshops seasonally.

Stage combat refers to all acts of conflict, danger, and violence performed for entertainment. A slap to the face, a fall down some stairs, an epic fifteen-person battle with swords and axes - all of these are stage combat. More than just set moves, true stage combat uses violence to tell a story, just as dance choreography, set design, or costuming can.

All of Argent Combat’s Stage Combat classes place emphasis on a nonviolent approach to stage violence as well as the actor’s rights and responsibilities when required to perform fight scenes.

Each class in this course will begin with a physical warm-up and an evening class focusing on one of three disciplines. All classes are taught by Fight Directors Canada and Society of American Fight Directors Certified Instructor, J. Oliver Donahue, with occasional SAFD/FDC-Certified guest instructors stopping by!

To learn more about our classes and workshops, visit www.argentcombat.com and facebook.com/argentcombat

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