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The Winterthur and Schaffhausen walk and run # 143 - The greek mountain trail

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21 people went


we are 19 hashers so far plus one optional; table is reserved for 25, so 5-6 more to go


run starts at 2:15; chalk talk before; it will be a sunny day but a little cold^
be sure to take something with you that keeps you warm

at ~ 4.30 pm we will see the sunset; so take a torch with you if you have one
we will reach drink stop one in daylight but after this it's nightlight (see photo below)

walkers trail > 2 hours, pram friendly with a chance to warm up during beer stop if you need

runners trail ~15 k but short cuts are allowed, so U do as much as U need to do; runners trail should be 99% pram friendly, the other 1 % U might get a helping hand

there will be a bag transport, since this is an aN an A to B run
if bags are already available on first beer stop depends on how much Schafhausen population read during recent past..,


pre lube on friday / the night before with ~10 hashers
and if you are in town earlier and need food - give me ring

onon Johnny

This run leads you through woods, wineyards and Swiss and German countryside, along the river Rhine to a fantastic place where you will be closer to heaven than to earth: the greek mountain.

for the on after please make sure you have some euros in your pocket

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