WWD Meetup Februar

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22 people went

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Happy to announce the first Meetup in 2019!

The Topics will be:

Introduction: Digital @ PAWI
by Silvan Flury

Talk 1: Headless and cloud based solutions for content and e-commerce
by Andraž Jalovec, Aioma (english)
Nowadays there is a lot of talk about so called “headless” (decoupled) CMS and e-commerce systems and cloud based solutions. But what do all these fancy terms really mean, what are the advantages and disadvantages of those implementations and, most importantly, when to use them and how one can benefit from it? In this talk you will get to know it!
Further you will get to know different tools, which already exist on the market targeting this trend, and you will understand the architecture behind this concept. Also you will know why and when you should use it - and when not!
Join my discussion of the state-of-the-art “headless” concept, which offers many ways for how information is distributed to the end users, and learn how it has a possibility to unleash the creative power of frontend developers to deliver richer, faster and more responsive user experience. Then you will know: will “headless” become the future of the web?

Talk 2: The traits of a great living styleguide
by Joël Bez, Ginetta (english)
In the past few years, styleguides quickly became part of the standard web development process, especially in larger projects.
Yet there isn't many other words in our field that have such a broad meaning.
Together we'll try to come to a common definition of a living styleguide.
Looking a different examples we'll look at the traits that make a living styleguide great and name a few tools and techniques that help you create or improve yours.

Anschliessend gibt es wie immer die Möglichkeit, sich bei einem kleinen Apero auszutauschen.
Wir danken der PAWI Verpackungen AG für das bereitstellen der Location!